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  1. i feel kinda confused for many months it was always the right side of my face covered in acne while my left side was pretty normal at best and only slightly bad at worst now it seems over the last few weeks my right side has cleared up and is looking pretty good but my left side is starting to become a complete mess not sure what, if anything, i have changed
  2. hi guys just wondering when and how is the best way to take probiotics? i had always been led to believe it was on an empty stomach to allow them to pass through the stomach quickly however on the packet of the one i just bought it say to take with a meal or snack so i decided to do a wee bit of research and i've found a few websites claiming it should be taken with food because this lowers the acidity in the stomach and will allow the friendly bacteria to survive longer... so does anyone h
  3. i'm going to try the whole shaving with a bowl and brush and proper lather etc. malarky and for this apparently you need a soap or cream, not a gel or foam so just wondering if anyone knows of some?
  4. well i was thinking specifically for red marks lol
  5. i was thinking about trying a lactic acid peel or apple cider vinegar and was just wondering if either of thoese would be ok to use along with differin? or if anyone knows of something that works even better along with differin that would be greatly appreciated
  6. not sure which forum to put this in but... as in the kidney, bowel, liver and parasite cleansing i fancy giving all of these a try so does anyone have any good tips or tricks for me? i have read that you should do it - colon,parasite,kidney then liver. Is this correct? also how often should i be doing these? once a month? annually? and lastly does anyone know of any particularly effective products for these? thanks
  7. not much to be honest. i have only been using water all this week with differin and aloe vera moisturizer at night and my skin is the clearest it has been in ages i'm just worried that in a couple of weeks (christmas!!) it will totaly erupt
  8. does anyone know of any red mark removing products that would be mild enough to use on the softer skin right under my eyes? and also something that would not react with Differin as i've started using this thanks
  9. so every time i use my cleanser, toner and moisturizer it makes all the red marks, and i have loads, look much worse than they usually are ie. much bigger and a very bright red, for a couple of hours making my face a total mess. It's also made no improvement to my skin and i've been using it several months. It's Clinique anti-blemish products i'm using if anyone knows much about them.
  10. hi just looking for a little info on a subject i only heard about the other day and don't quite understand from what little i have read it seems you shouldn't eat protein along with carbs and fruit should always be ate on it's own- but that contradicts something i just recently read on here, that fruit should be followed by some sort of essential fats like nuts...( which is something else i don't quite fully understand so if anyone could link me to some information of give a sumarry i'd be v
  11. omg it's like i made the first post! scary stuff i have had one of those under each eye in the past 6 months i actually quit my martial arts class because of the last one and now i have the crazy huge red marks/scars that will probs take year to fade
  12. so i was doing a bit of monitoring with my diet and acne and found that coffee could possibly be a trigger for me ( along with eggs or beer i'm not sure which caused this mega breakout) and was wondering if it's the caffeine or some other ingredient in the coffee that could be to blame? 'cos i'd be happy to switch over to some decaffeinated brand depending on how it tastes
  13. even wholemeal bread? this nutrition carry on is a minefield lol
  14. do you guys mean the bread when you say ditch the grains? i don't really eat much rice, or even cereals anymore since i'm cutting down milk