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  1. I am glad that you decided to order a kit. I hope that it works for you too. The stuff is still working quite well for me, better than the regimen or Proactive ever did. I found something on the web tha peopel might like it is an offer code for 10.00 off your a kit. her it is 47584930
  2. I know that Dan doesn't think Salycilic acids is good for acne and doesn't have it in his regimen (shouldn't be used with BP) but I started using this new product that I bought off ebay. It has lots of stuff in like salycilic, BP and other things. The crap didn't do anything for my acne for 5 days except it smelled pretty good. a few days later though my skin really startd clearing up and my marks are fading. I don't know if this will keep working but its cool so far, anyone else tried
  3. I have read some good things about using your own urine on your face to help clear your acne. I think that it sounds completely disgusting and refuse to do it. Does anyone have any thoughts? Why would this help at all, it seems like you would only be adding to the problem. I can't believe that anyone would do this but I keep reading about people who have tried and some say that it works. I am also looking for the best OTC acne routine, what is everyone's favorite? Proactiv or somthing like