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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a male, suffering from acne for a while now and now, I'm mostly left with red marks. Pimples are somewhat under control. I have very fair complexion and it the red marks have not failed to lower my self esteem. Anyway, I just got myself Blemish Balm Cream from Laneige a few hours ago and the results are amazing. Basically, it's a Korean product that acts as a sun screen and improves the overall complexion of the skin. After application, I was awed at the final product. T
  2. I've heard that vbeam helps out alot with Redmarks though, might go for it once I've saved up the $$$!
  3. I've gotten acne for 8+ years now, and this left a ton of red marks. Would laser remove these marks?
  4. He mentioned that I'll have acne till I'm 40 and above... This is perhaps my lowest point in my life.
  5. Acne when I was 14, Recovered with accutane when I was 17, Breakout when I was 19. Went to my dermatologist this morning and he said,"You have post acne. It occurs where the pimples do not form pus. Your outbreak will fluctuate one every 2 years or even twice every 6 months. This will occur until you are 40 years old. There is no cure for post acne yet." I'm 19.
  6. Ok, Still kind of confused here, now that my pimple has erupted, what do I do? Apply BP? Mositurise it? Apple cider vinegar it?
  7. I've been dwelling in the Red Marks left after acne for a while now cause of all the red marks left from pimples. Recently, I got an ouTBREAK! And it has been bothering me ever so. THey have formed into pus white pimples. And upon washing this morning, Some has "popped" by itself. I hope that this is the correct method. Now what? Do I moisturise/Apply BP on the erupted pimples or leave it there? HELP ME OUT!
  8. Hey everyone, Thought it would be a good idea to have a thread for all forumers to contribute on the food which should be avoided to prevent any outbreaks. Let's keep the thread rolling: Food to avoid: Dairy products (milk, cheese, cream, yogurt etc) Refined sugar Tea Coffee Fried Food: KFC Mcdonalds All Snacks
  9. I've been using Puredeming's lactic acid peel for a month now, it does help with the red marks fading. Here's the site:http://www.puredeming.com/
  10. A while back, I heard rave reviews about Puredeming products, such as the Intense gels, Intense R, Mini Peels, and what nots. I decided using their intense gels. They were very nourishing and I the smell was great. It did make my skin tone even out but the red marks were still there. Upon which, I moved onto the intense mini peels. I tried the glycolic one and it did sting. However, it did make some of my stubborn red marks fade out. The down side is it made my entire face really red.... A fe
  11. If its any consolation, Celebrities have their own flaws too. http://photos.tmz.com/galleries/celeb_acne
  12. Hey everybody. it's been a while since my first post here. I started here when my acne first occured. As of today, 6 years later, here I am with red marks on my fair skin. That's the introduction now with the ranting, maybe because its's the friends that I make, but they never talk to me about my issue, I take that as a good thing. That is until when I go out shopping. It began 4 years ago, my acne was quite severe, with zits all over my cheeks and lower jawline. Was walking with my Dad in a
  13. Thanks for replying to my message! One more question I would like to clarify. Is it ok if I were to put on the solution and leave it to dry followed by going out shopping the whole day without me washing the solution off? Is that going to worsen the healing process?
  14. Bought my ACV yesterday and boy does it stink! I sure hope that the ACV works for my red marks Anyway, do I leave it on or do I wash the solution away once it has dried?
  15. Thanks for replying to my message , I have never known about the ice thing without your detailed explanation. On average, how long does it take to see a fade in the red marks after using ACV? *I know that people have different skin types, I just want to have a rough idea of how long it takes for it to work*