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  1. I apply sulfur on my face for my mild rosacea. Havent had a bad dry patch in a while. skin still looks a little red but not bad.
  2. you are young. See if your derm can precribe you Tetrinoin and Doxy. Worked wonders for me. personally I wasted to much time with this natural crap and it ddint work. Dont wait anymore time and get on some meds. Live your life likeyou want and stop stressing about acne. That's what I did and if this didnt work accutane would be a no brainer.
  3. from my experience Zinc doesnt work plus it makes your stomach hurt.
  4. try prsacea at walgreen or CVS. it's a sulfur product. I suffer from mild rosacea on the side of my nose and eyes. Sulfur seems to help keep it in check. Also use a ncie moiturizer and sun block.
  5. on the side of my nose and cheek bone my skin is inflammed and red. I dont have pimples there or anything it's just inflammed and it wont go away. It's starting to look like I'm getting fat on one side of my face and it's creating a wrinkle on around my nose. Any cream or medication I can use to bring down the inflamation and redness?...
  6. I agree just try it out and see if it works for you...it didnt do jack for me if anything avoiding dairy, sugar, meats and caffeine made me weaker and more out of shape. it was hell not being able to just live. if it doesnt work out I say go on some Antibiatics and live like a normal person. Eat meat, drink milk and workout and be healthy. I'm taking Doxyxyline and it's working really good. good luck with it.
  7. About a month maybe a little less...I saw results after week 1. I havent had a cyst at all for about a month. I didnt even have a initial breakout. I was prescribed retin a also but i'm not taking that because the initial breakout stories.
  8. I dont think Diet has that huge of an impact on Acne like some people tend to think...i was on some serious diets and picked only certain foods. And to be honest it didnt help. And neither did taking vitamins.
  9. Doxy has been working great for me and I just started taking it...Sure beats the stupid diets and vitamins I has taking...
  10. I went to my Derm and asked for Accutane for my cystic acne that was just not going away...He refused to precribe it to me and instead gave me this doxy stuff. I was not real happy about it but decided to give it a try. Well it's been about 3 weeks I think....Didnt have a initial breakout and havent had a cyst since. Still have some little black heads here and there but no painfull big pimples. I was precribed a retin -a aswell but I didnt want to use it because the horror soties of the
  11. for the better part of a year I have tested all these things... The dairy I have been doing for a while now...No fast food, no cheese, milk, butter...I ate chicken, beef turkey and fruits along with other non dairy. The sugar test I did for jsut this oast month...it looked like it started to work then bam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! new pimples no matter what and my face lacked color and pigmintation. Zinc and other Vitamins like ,E ,A Omega 3, b-5 I have done for over 4-5 months with no results. Act
  12. I thought I had the answer...No sugar for me and no acne. Well turns out that my acne just keeps comming back no matter what I do. I think the results I've seen with certain changes in diet or pills have been coincidence or luck. Dairy did nothing for me No sugar did nothing Drink tons of water made my stomach hurt and piss all day..No efffect on acne Zinc did nothing but make my stomach hurt and break out in tiny little bumps..weird Niacin was garbage and made it ten times worse...Holy hell
  13. Niacin made my skin worse....had to stop taking it.
  14. So after so many failed attemps to ure my acne I think I have finally found the answer. I have tried Niacin( made acne worse) Zinc, vit A, b-5( did nothing for me) and my final attemp was to saty clear from dairy products. Although this did help me a little I was never clear and still got cystic acne. Untill now!!!! I avoided all sugar as much as possible. Even apple juice or any type of fruit juice. Nothing with sugar. And guess what I have not got a new pimple or cyst in about a month. It's
  15. I'm taking 500mg of regular Niacin from GNC....The Flushing isnt as bad of people say it is. I get red and burn but it feels like it's killing off my acne LOL. So far so good with the Niacin experiment...So many things have not worked this is my last resort.