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  1. sambash

    Day 4

    Today is day four of my Claravis (Accutane) use. Today I had absolutely no headache or pain otherwise. I woke up with a dry face, though. It was slightly peely - sort of like in times past when my skin has dried too much from salicylic acid treatments. In response, I used the Glytone hydrating cream given to me by my doctor and the peely look when away. Acne in general seems to be about the same as it was the last couple days. I am still quite oily, and older zits seems to be rising to the
  2. sambash

    First Two Days

    Here begins the journey! Well, it really started yesterday, when I took my first isotretinoin dose. Or perhaps I should say it began a week ago when my dermatologist prescribed accutane for my acne. Or even better, maybe this journey began when I was in college and all sorts of antibiotics weren't working for my skin. Come to think of it, this journey started in high school when I was sure my acne was due to my football helmet. Well, now if I'm going back this far, I might as well say this