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  1. Hey Rebecca, proud of you for putting up pictures! I'm working on getting to that point myself.. Glad to hear that you were feeling nice and clear today:) also congrats on finishing your first box. I just finished my first box a couple days ago and it was an encouraging feeling! but I'm taking the 40 mg twice a day instead of once so obviously I'm going to go through them quicker. We're on our way! -Colleen
  2. DAY 7: END OF WEEK 1 Haven't updated in a few days because of the weekend! Aka..my first week on accutane..as a college student You know what I'm getting at. I was kind of dreading the weekend as Friday began because of the no drinking thing. We had our bids party for new sisters on Friday night (not exactly a sorority, but I'm in a "non greek sisterhood") and then Saturday night we had a party scheduled with one of our frats. I ended up drinking a veryy little bit on each night, being extre
  3. WEEK 1: DAY 3 Well I'm halfway through my first box and I've been feeling fine so far. I have noticed my face getting a little drier, and it even felt a bit irritated this morning for a few minutes after I washed it. And yes it was with a gentle cleaner that my derm recommended, but I've had it for a while anyway for days when salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide were too harsh. I'm using CeraVe now, along with the CeraVe moisturizer which has always been awesome. It's going to be so weird dis
  4. I'm sorry about your breakup.. stay strong and keep your chin up. I'm nervous about all of the emotional effects claravis may have (I just started yesterday). We just need to try and stay as positive as possible, as difficult as that may be. I'll be following your progress.. good luck!
  5. Hey! I just started today so I'm only a couple days behind you! I'll be following your progress.. good luck -Colleen
  6. WEEK 1: DAY 1 Wow.. this stuff does NOT waste time. As I said today is my first day and before I even took my 2nd pill I noticed a difference in my face. It looked like there were new small bumps forming everywhere..seems way too soon for the initial breakout but who knows. It also looks oilier now than it has in months..also probably because i loadedd up on CervaVe moisturizer today in preparation for my first pill. But it was weird because even though it looks more oily now it actually fee
  7. you're so brave for posting pictures already! today is my very first day on accutane and i know it's going to take me a LONG time to finally do it. proud of you:) i'll definitely be checking back once your 30 days are up and you can start! good luck:) -Colleen
  8. I would LOVE an answer for that pore question too. I know what you mean.. I'm just as self conscious about mine. I'm just starting claravis today and I know that even if this does work for me and I'm acne free I'm still going to have these giant old pores. yuck. also good to know about the drinking.. i guess i'm going to try my best to avoid it. and of course my 21st birthday is coming up in less than 2 months and i'll barely be able to celebrate haha Glad to read that you're seeing results
  9. I'm just starting claravis today. Couldn't agree more with the whole oily face and make-up issue.. it SUCKS. We're only a couple days apart so I'm definitely going to follow your progress. Good luck! -Colleen
  10. Hey Kasey:)You're right since we'll only be a couple days apart with the 80mg I'm going to consider us on the same page! It's too bad that you went through a whole month with the 20mg and it didn't do much. I'm nervous about jumping right into such a high dosage..I've only taken one pill so far ahh I can only hope for the best. Good luck to you too- I'll definitely follow how you're doing! I know it's going to be hard dealing with all of this while we're at college, but I also spent so long cree
  11. "Does anyone else get home from school/work and be excited to be all alone (or just with family) and wash your makeup off and wash your face immediately?? I hate sitting around with makeup caked on my face when it doesnt have to be, i like feeling fresh cant wait for the day that i might be able to feel fresh and be able to go out in public!" I'm SO excited for that part of it I'm only a week behind you- just took my first pill today! Good luck!!
  12. Hey everyone! My name is Colleen. Female, 20 years old, soon to be 21. College junior. I've suffered from acne for longer than I like to remember- going way back to maybe 5th grade. No joke. Is it really necessary for a 10 year old to have to start dealing with insecurities like that? Not that it consumed me at that age..well that was only true for a short period of time. My main focus was still playing on the playground and enjoying my childhood. Then I entered middle school. As I went into 6th