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  1. you frosted! I dont think my whole face frosted just the cheeks on forehead.
  2. trust me, remeber I said the same thing you are saying. just wait!
  3. at 15%? wow! One thing you could do, if you are interested at frosting is wait this whole week see how your skin reacts. Then go ahead and do another layer next week. That what I did, and I frosted at 12.5%
  4. I just had like a small insignificant part where where I took off. Then reading thru forums I realized I am glad I stopped that. It should peel on its own. So I did no damage.
  5. when your face starts to peel. dont manually take the skin off with your hands. its not a good idea at all. it becomes very uncomfortable. the skin under neath is to raw/sensitive.
  6. Not sure if our scars are similar, 90% of my scars go away when I stretch my skin. Not sure about fraxel not working or not but you need atleast 3-4 treatments. Also I agree dermarolling/derma stamping is 1/10th the cost and would be good for you as well.
  7. Yeah of course. The last two treatments have yet to kick in. I enjoy it because it gives me skin tightening, as well. I dont care anymore about my scars since my first 4 treatment. Its improved my scars around 60%(maybe more), and removed all the redness. Not sure how your scars would react, maybe fraxel is better for acne scars.
  8. the one thing i can tell you about these lasers is you need 3-4 treatments atleast. ive had 8 smoothbeams.
  9. OK. My face is reddish and it hurts when I touch it. I am putting Neospirin and keeping it moist. I was being stupid and didn't put gloves when I applied the tca, now the tips of my fingers are burned, but not too bad.
  10. Just make sure you test patch!! Let me know how that goes.
  11. OK. First let me reiterate I advise you to do a few lactic acid peels prior to this, as that is what is recommended. I ordered a 21% last week, which still hasnt come in from MUAC. Last week I did a 12.5% for the first time, I had some peeling the whole week around the mouth and some on the cheeks. I decided against the 21% right now, since my skin hasn't heeled from last weeks. I only have a week of downtime left. So I went ahead and did a 12.5% again. This time it REALLY BURNED! It stoppe
  12. this wasn't fraxel repair? u sure?
  13. Well I have like 3 scars on my temples?? Maybe that's why. She wasn't going to at first & then all of a sudden she decided to do full face. I have red marks all over :/ I don't know. I wish they would do a patch test! I will have to ask. Make sure its not at max power, and patch test. Max power can really screw you over. Read the benefits of fraxel re:store on their site, i dont see advantages in doing full face unless skin rejuvation is one of the fda cleared uses. (this will remove
  14. What the point of full face. I went to there website, it really is only for acne scars, it doesn't do skin tightening, so just focus on the scars? Right?? If your that scared, just do a patch test, see how you react, then from there do what you want.
  15. I would never try 100% tca solution. Or 50% TCA solution. If it is a must, try 50% not 100 first. But I recommend against it, unless your scars are super bad. youll end up with 2nd/3rd degree burns. Also have you seen wrinkle reduction/skin tightening when using ematrix? if so by how much
  16. i hope this will work I just passed a 12.5% tca peel test. Going to use 21% next, then 21% two layers, then the plan is to move and stick to 30%. Ive read that what you want is the scabbing and for the scabs to fall off.
  17. No need for ointment, as the damage the TCA did was very minimal. No shipping is pretty slow as a matter of fact. MUAC is now offering free priority shipping, however my 21% tca still has not shipped i ordered it two days ago. If i were you I would stick with MUAC as it has the highest reputation and everyone uses it. This isn't something you want to take risks with and get more scars. Stick with the most reputable reliable company. Even if the price is slightly higher.
  18. funny, yesterday, which was two days after my peel. The area around my mouth started peeling. This has never happened before, I assume it was from the TCA Peel. Anyways this week (after my face has healed enough) I am doing a 21% Peel, as I won't have downtime until spring break, so I need to do this ASAP.
  19. maybe your skin got so tough from the C02 its hard for the fraxel to penetrate?
  20. Yeah just to reiterate, anyone who starts needs to try 12.5%, be really careful and take things slow as you can just burn your face. The only downside of starting slow is just the 18 dollars this thing cost, the disadvantage of not taking it slowly is like 2nd-3rd degree burns all over your face. so take it slow everyone.
  21. Oh my! I was going to do a 15% from them since it said to start with an 8% or 12.5% first. I had read in reviews that they were pretty weak so I am wondering how weak a 15% will be. A few reviewers said that they went ahead and started with an 18%. I wonder now if I should do that instead. I read that TCA peels performed in a dermatologists office are either 25% or 35%. Did you get a sample kit or no? I was going to get a sample and layer it after 5 minutes if I got no frosting. If the kit sucke
  22. I just did a 12.5% TCA Peel It barely did anything! I ordered it from Makeupartist website. I had been using Latic Acid 55-65% the last three months. So maybe my skin is real tough. BTW I am a male. Im going to wait a week, and layer it after 5 minutes. I am thinking I am going to jump to 21% after this...
  23. if you wanna look young do smoothbeam all over your face. don't do the other candela laser as it is much weaker but its less painful. no use needling skin that is not damaged.
  24. Nope, trust me, there is another thread by Robert who has recommended: Pernox Scrub Cleanser Tube For Oily Skin, Lemon Which I think is completely legit, which I am going to purchase. Trust me I am not some skeptic/cynic 24/7. The way things done for this product just set Alarm Bells. Thanks for your time and explanation, looking forward to your review. As I need what the product is claiming.
  25. Thanks for all the work you did, that is a lot. I am interested, like I said I was two seconds from buying the product. Let me know how it goes. BTW I assume the company is legit, I am claiming it doesn't work, and either Xan is the owner of the company or works for them. Like I said if you use google.com you will see there are spam pages, that means that the company Medictl or whatever paid some search engine optimizers to get those hits on google, eithier that or they have other vendors that