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  1. hey college boy i always followed your story on here for a long time. Is there any updates you can give me man hows your skin doing know has there been any impovments in the scars. Thanks man for sharing your story

    1. esepablo


      yea, im also waiting to hear from you!

  2. Lol... thanks. Honestly I do care to some extent though. But shoot, after the FIRST day of class they required us to give our FIRST speech, and I went up there looking like a completely burnt freak, it couldn't get any worse right? LOL. 60% coverage was definitely the worse redness I have dealt with in terms of fraxel repairs go. I just keep telling myself, " in 6 more weeks I'll never see these people again". Yep, that can't be stressed enough. I feel the effects/benefits of repair
  3. I take back what I said earlier. Fake bake flawless for whatever reason does not maintain a tan for long. Actually, its gone within 12-16 hours. Maybe I am applying incorrectly or not applying enough but I can't get it to remain on my skin. So I am back to looking like a freak with reddish cheeks due to the laser and pale skin else where. The funny/sad thing is... for summer school I am taking an 8 week crash course on Public Speaking. Six speeches in 8 weeks; I have been doing them in fron
  4. Post-op 16 days since my last fraxel repair. This treatment was probably the most aggressive repair I have had yet @ 60% coverage on the cheek/temple area. I took a bunch of photos though after looking through them all carefully on my laptop they don't really show much scarring. My scars are quite difficult to catch on camera now as they are more like big pores at this point aside from a few tiny boxcar scars. I never like to judge results a near 16 days out but I personally already see
  5. Sorry to all those who have emailed me with specific questions in recent months. I have my preferences on this site setup to where I am emailed when personal messages are sent. For whatever reason I stopped receiving those emails. I have been insanely busy with work and school so I don't often log on to manually check. Anyways, with Spring semester just ending and Summer school beginning in a little over two weeks, I will take this opportunity to have another laser treatment done. Beginnin
  6. Hey all, Been a long time since I last posted. Its been about 9 months since my last Fraxel:Repair. Oddly enough I feel like my skin has still improved every so slightly 5 to 9 months out. The first three lasers I had done were separated by about 6 months a piece. However, I felt like the extra few months of healing this last time around may have had a positive effect on my skin. Random observation : It may be my mind playing tricks on me but I've noticed that slimming down a few poun
  7. I don't have any rolling scars though I do believe Dudley did. From what I gather, rolling scars seem to have the greatest improvement. I would agree with your doctor that 15~20% sounds like a reasonable number. However, I would say that it varies scar to scar. I had a shallow but wide boxcar scar on my cheek near my nose that improved by 80~90% on the first repair. At the same time, I have had scars that showed only 10~20% improvement (which in my opinion is still good). As I mentioned in o
  8. Hey all, Been awhile since I last logged on but I figured I'd give a quick update for anyone who cares. I've been pretty busy with work and a maxed out summer school schedule so I have been totally procrastinating on the updates. I haven't really been "studying" my scars much since the initial improvement post-laser. However, I got a glimpse of my skin today and was pleasantly surprised that my skin seemed to have improved even more. This added improvement would probably go unnoticed to
  9. Hey, 99% of my swelling is gone about 10-14 days out. But in reality is probably subsides to a point that is unnoticeable by day 5-10 depending on the aggressiveness. People claim that there is "micro-swelling" that lasts months. Personally, I don't buy it. If there is such a thing as micro-swelling more than 2 weeks out, it is so unnoticeable that it shouldn't make your results appear to be better than they really are. I never notice my skin getting worse pass about day 10-14ish. If I h
  10. Long time no see Fruits. Your skin looked fine to me. If you go for a repair I'd suggest they go with an above average coverage rate. I know higher coverage % means longer, more pronounced redness but low coverage produces rather weak results; then the redness you get will be all for naught!
  11. 35 days out and really happy with the results thus far. I was originally planning on waiting 12 months til the next laser treatment as it is a bit difficult to squeeze a Repair in the Fall/Winter (like I did last year) because of School/work. However, with the results being better than I anticipated I may just take a week off from school in the middle of the semester to get it done. I don't mind the redness so much in the summer because it looks like a sunburn but in the winter it is a bit more
  12. I agree, your skin does look amazing. Awesome! It is always good to see when people find their personal remedy.
  13. Hey Spartan, I am still red today @ day 20. The redness doesn't look as bad when I just get out of the shower, but during a hot, exhausting day of work in the sun, the redness is more pronounced. But yes, I would say that I am presentable 10 days out. The funny thing is, I have been working out in the sun every day since my day 10 after the laser. I have been swimming and running every day as well. Though, I do tend to where a big sombrero at work or when jogging outdoors. Honestly, I real
  14. No prob ; more pics coming soon. "Oh fuck" That's what I said right when I saw this photo, haha! I hope you will recover soon! * This is not related to laser But I want to know if you have any opinions about dermabrasion? Like the real one, not the micro one. What do you think of it compared to laser like Fraxel Repair? I am not quite informed when it comes to dermabrasion but I hear the recovery and risk is just as bad as fractionated lasers if not worse. Honesty, I don
  15. I have seen all the studies, fancy diagrams and photos over the course of a few years but I am still not sure I 100% agree with that status quo acne scar treatment. I believe that there is 3 things that happen from fractionated lasers that improve appearance of scars: 1) The heat from the laser causes the skin to "shrink" or tighten. That can be seen here. 2) Vaporizing the scar tissue. Yes, technically the laser depth only has to hit the bottom of the scar, BUT I believe this onl