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  1. I think I might try the neutrogena blackhead eliminating treatment mask I think it might work better than the scrub. Thx for the infos.
  2. I think they are just tiny pimples and some whiteheads. But its not a big problem. It should be easily solved. Go to derm or Doctor and they will give you some treatment. This problem should be solved easily.
  3. thanks for your replys. I need more advice from people If anyone of you have great solution that work out great for you, please tell me! Thanks!
  4. Is there a way you can totally or easily get rid of them? bp seems doesnt work on them. I try to push them out, some are very easy to push out but some just seems like is stick with glue. Are there products that I can make those blackheads in my pores easier to come out?
  5. There are many ways to help it heal quicker, but there are no ways you can get rid of them in less than 3 months. You can try putting on creams or lotions that includes "Vitamin E" Vitamin E helps to heal the skin which means it helps to heal the marks due to stupid acne who broke them. If you can buy lotions that are multivitamin that will be great! But I know for sure the most important Vitamin for healing marks is "Vitamin E"
  6. you can still cover up the forehead even you dont wear backwards and it wont irritate your skin too.
  7. Damn I have to same problem as you do, and that is "Trying to hide myself" :ph34r: Acne just sucks! They make your life without color!!!
  8. I dont really want to welcome you, because if I welcome you this mean you are going to suffer the acne pain just like everyone of us in the forum. GOD when the hell are we going to have a real quick cure for acne instead of spending money every month for treatments!!! BTW, I drive an Altezza just in case you wanted to know! :wink:
  9. Really hard to say Everyone is different so cant really answer this question!
  10. All you can do is 1) Reduce the amount of BP you are putting on 2) Moisturize more often That's all you really can do!
  11. To me, it doesnt seem any difference, because both of them just makes you look bad!
  12. hummm ICE..... But I did it the other way. Since the cyst is forming there are no way of stopping it. Inorder to make it go away earlier or faster is put bring the pust out. So what I do is I use warm water and pad on my spot for 1-2 mins after washing your face. This can speed up the process of the pust coming to the skin surface. And of course use whatever you use for your acne treatment. After the pus dry out and falls, this mean the cyst had die!! YEA DIE YOU PSYCHO CYST!!!!!! :twisted:
  13. there are only two things you can do 1) Moisturize more often. (It wont hurt or get worse to your skin) 2) Reduce dosage of BP. (Must reduce) Vitamin E lotion or moisturizer are really good to super dry skin. Since it is kind of oily and it does have a slight chance to clog some pores, so dont use too much.
  14. Acne doesnt just cause money, but whole purpose was causing your confidence and making you fusturated everyday. To be honest, I dont care how much money is going to cause me per day or per month, if it gets me 100% Clear. And I know a lot of you will think the same as I do. :neutral: