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  1. lmao i bet you believe masturbation causes blindness as well right? my skin is clear and smooth as a babys right now, why? because i saw a dermatologist not because of some stupid advice that ppl give out here op please see a derm
  2. dont listen to this bs i agree not to drink milk/eat dairy but masturbation is fine see a dermatologist
  3. sounds like you roomate is fun and your lame, serious maybe you shouldnt act like the world owes you a favour and that everyone should be aware of your own issues
  4. its all about facial aesthetics. thats first thing they notice. after thats it varies girl to girl
  5. ok here we go bud step 1- accutane 2-lasers 3-melanotan 4-boom new man go bang some gurls
  6. ok so the acne i used to have was all in one spot (my forehead) so there is like a bunch of little spots in one area so it looks wierd, good thing is that they have gotten a bit lighter.. i dont wanna use any presciptions (like retinoids) or bio oil... does anyone have any experience with exfoliating pads? how well does it work? what kind should i get and how do i use them?
  7. i was getting more girls before i took accutane then after lol... with girls its more your status rather than how you look... i mean if your walking around with boils on your face oozing with puss (lol) then you will have problems but some zits dont mean jack shit...
  8. the last time i saw the girl im crushing on she has some acne on her forehead but it makes me like her more lol serious my issue was forehead acne