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  1. EyzzChinaDoll

    Coffee Alternative!!!

    Does taking guarana as a a daily dietary supplement break you out?! Since it does contain caffeine, I was wondering...
  2. EyzzChinaDoll

    What Did You Eat Today?

    Here's one quick question. Could anyone illuminate me on how bad (dried) dates are for your skin, as far as gicemic index and load are concerned? And I'm talking about lots of dried dates, like.. snacking on about 100 - 150 gram. It sucks big time since I crave sugar and try replacing it with dried fruit which I eventually can't stop nibbling at. other than that I've had a grated carrot & beetroot salad with ginger and honey, broccoli, onion, one green smoothie with spinach and pear and grapes.. and a hell lot of dried fruit (plum & dates) so now I'm stuffed, yet I crave for more of those dates, think I'm gonna brew a mint tea, meh. I'm also reading this: http://www.terawarner.com/7daydetox/7daydivadetox.pdf
  3. EyzzChinaDoll

    What Did You Eat Today?

    Not proud at all of my last days' meals, I've been focusing more on the stress management side of things. yesterday: 1 serving romaine salad, scallion kohlrabi. afterwards I was in town, all day on the run, so all I could reach for was 150g raw peanuts and 3 apples then I drank one glass of wine (I think I should stop going out with people who order drinks for socializing's sake, tried to avoid beer at least but well, not a smart move, was so close to outbreak from it) today: 1 apple then zinc which made me nauseous & throw up for some reason (been taking zinc for 2 weeks now and it worked just well, only slight nausea but it WORKED and I LOVE zinc's effect on my skin) so I had to have another half an apple later and no zinc later: 2 glasses green smoothie w raspberries, pear and spinach some steamed spinach a lot of steamed cauliflower, w lemon & turmeric sauce nibbled on some goji berries and had 2 cups of hot coca& cinnamon then now I had: 50g dried tomato the rest on those goji berries (40 g) fresh raspberry dried plum and a cup of hot chocolate, sweetened w stevia really not proud of all this dried fruit and no carrots not to mention the huge load of peanuts yesterday, esp after reading the topic called "the real reason you have acne" which seems to have some good insight. day before yesterday I made almond butter, and tried the raw vegan chocolate pudding recipe (avocado, almond butter, cocoa, stevia - - supergood and light mousse consistency) and I guess I'll stick with that until I get bored, which won't be too soon. Today I didn't make it because I've had 150g peanuts yesterday so enough nuts for me to bring me on the verge of breaking out these days - keeps the BHA exfoliant at hand)
  4. So here's the stupid thing I've done. It's still amazing that I can still type after this tremendous sleepless interval. I was due to finish a paper this morning, so yesterday night I thought staying up late a little won't do me any harm. Staying up late turned to morning and the morning turnet into afternoon, waiting for feedback on my paper and dealing with my attention being too slowed down due to fatigue, so now there's evening again, I plan on getting some early, consistent sleep, about 14 hours and wake up tomorrow with the sunrise. But is there anything else I can do to help my body in such terrible situation?1 I didn't drink coffee, hydrated constantly and ate mostly apples, and some cinnamon and 4-5 tbs brown rice. My skin is slready starting to feel itchy though. But I'm too clumsy, tired and spaced out right now to be able to apply a mask properly. I hope I'm not screwing anything by having decided to stay awake during the day so I don't domino-like whack my sleep rhythm again and wake up at night. Oh, it's so hard, and most of all wish I could help my skin feel calmed - ever gone through anything like this before, anyone?! Also I experience some pain right under my left rib so I hope I'm not dying or anything. Being sleepless is such a nightmare ughhhhhh......
  5. EyzzChinaDoll

    What Did You Eat Today?

    two apples, diced, spiced w cinnamon 1 cup green tea with aniseed and clove 1 cocoa fudge (like that recipe I posted above although I'm switching to almond butter soon since butter + cocoa might be inflammatory) apricot seeds 1 cup water w psyllium - 1/2 cup steamed brocolli and brown rice, with a dressing of turmeric, crushed garlic, lemon, (a bit of) honey and very little salt -even more of that brown rice w garlic & turmeric sauce -green tea -grapes - 1 cup hot chocolate w cinnamon & ginger -some pumpkin seeds -grapes and for tomorrow.. I ran out of ideas, gotta do some stalking on your previous posts you guys ah and I've been studying the dessert topic here today. just gorgeous
  6. EyzzChinaDoll

    What Did You Eat Today?

    hahaha, sorry about that confusion, I meant salvia officinalis, didn't know the english common name for that, found it out later on - so yeah now I'm a total SAGE junkie (my native language always confuses those because it calls sage salvia :)
  7. EyzzChinaDoll

    What Did You Eat Today?

    -1 small cup psyllium gel -1 cup hot chocolate w ginger - 1 cup salvia tea w clove -1 cup hot chocolate w ginger (1 sp cocoa 1/4 ginger) -2 sliced apples garnished w cinnamon -1 carrot -1 big bowl of romaine salad w scallions and diced kohlrabi (haha, goodlookin and neutral enough to replace cheese or even tofu) and a dressing (that's where it gets improv) apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon honey, GARLIC (I still think that kohlrabi saved the whole formula), all sprinkled with a handful of soaked pumpkin seeds and almonds -- tasted refreshing - 1/2 pickled cucumber - 1 handful of grapes was still restless and in need for some REAL dessert so I came up with this brilliant idea chocolate cream - 2 teaspoons butter melted in a saucepan about 10 seconds, until liquid, mixed with 2 teaspoons cocoa powder until made a paste; pour 1 teaspoon honey, mix some more, then a dash of cinnamon, whoaz got in touch with my inner, long lost, mental self again <3 as long as I don't eat more butter today 2 teaspoons sounds like a decent limit, I use more butter on steamed broccoli anyway. note to self - cocoa addiction is something I, for one, can't work against. Just gotta make this, and good skin, work as a team somehow.. (hmmm, what if I mix turmeric in that, or some other anti-inflammatory thing. or make it with ghee! why, y'all, I'll keep you posted on this chocolate odyssey
  8. Hi. Today I've been looking more into what Chinese Traditional Medicine has to say on acne, the core concept being that of the 12 meridians of the human body. I knew already that breaking out in certain areas can indicate disfunctions or problems with organs correlated to the certain area. Today I ran into a simple thing which may apply well to everything that's been discussed here. http://sennyong.blogspot.com/2010/04/outer-beauty-is-inner-organs-balancing.html Sincew everything is interrelated what I could say about the acne I'm dealing with is that it's due to about 4 disfunctional meridians which are closely interrelated (gall bladder, liver, kidney). I can't figure what to treat first in order to help this chain reaction, does it all derive from bad liver/ gallbladder function?! From these reviews that I read, I notice that supplements that work best with acne (induced by bad diet, stress, insomnias) are those who help the liver deal with all this pressure. So it may be that the liver/ gallbladder meridians are the first to treat/ supplement/ focus on?! If anyone has more tips on that, please add it to this topic. (Or if this has been discussed before, then add my post to the certain topic, I think this Chinese Medicine approach might be onto something).
  9. EyzzChinaDoll

    What Did You Eat Today?

    these days I've been kindof fasting on raw carrots, soaked pumpkin seeds drizzled w honey, soaked goji berries, grapes, some dried apricots etc, green tea, etc. but today I have binged big time on about 2 cups steamed cauliflower covered in a paste of turmeric, ginger, cumin and grated garlic mixed w lemon juice. ah, and very very little butter (still don't know how to make ghee yet, next lesson), also one medium pickled cucumber, sliced. and then I had a ton of apples and carrots and 1 handful of pumpkin seeds or so, and goji, and about 5 cigarettes. and now I feel like I'd drink down a whole bottle of honey because this diet has had me thinking of chocolate way too much and I know I don't want and I don't need that and I don't even like it anymore. I think I'll have a cup of hot cocoa (1tsp cocoa powder?) w ginger instead but still not sure if that's safe and would't risk. I think I'll go for green tea&lemon instead and keep the hot chocolate plan for tomorrow. Omgomg sometmes I wish I was an anorexic or something, this would've made things a hell lot easier or less complicated for my lazy, fast-inclined (can't cook)/ binge-addicted (can't stop) neurotic personality. This forum is so great in providing me with cool meal ideas tho, I have no words to say how invaluable this whole thing is for me. No-diary/ no-gluten/ no-soy kind of cleared me up, I also exfoliate externally with BHA, but well, yeah. Think I'll re-introduce soy gradually and keep my fingers crossed that it won't break me out like hell on earth. And swear I'll never binge again like it's the last time I'll be seeing earthly food in ever. Any ideas to help liver in such situation?! I popped an ALA capsule, hope that'll be fine.
  10. EyzzChinaDoll


    Bump! Right now there are several tabs in my browser dedicated to this topic, not sure if I should get it at some point or not, also not sure how it would mix with other supplements that I've started taking. Discovered it in this article http://www.altmedicinezone.com/natural-remedies/7-naturopathy-remedies-for-treating-acne/ and more on it here http://www.asianhealthsecrets.com/letha/?p=1852 --- this article made me rather back out, since it's said to cause initial break outs and should be paired with an alternate neem cure - so I'd rather start by including more neem anything in my groceries list and see what happens. That's also because I may be alergic or slightly intolerant to pea (by blood type diet criteria). Sounds good otherwise. Might work for some.
  11. ah, had no idea about the other name, glucomanan - but thanx for mentioning it. what I was trying to do was browsing the boards to make a list of things that would count as a safety net for times when I happen to stray from my diet (in the past 2 weeks I've been cutting down all gluten and sugar and my skin cleared. About once or twice a week I still moderately break my newly developed diet habits, and that's why I need any tips about minimizing the effect). Glucosamine sounds like it's definitely worth a try. I don't know about Gymnema Sylvestre but sounds good as well.
  12. If anyone has been experimenting with dosages on this and discovered what's the proportion that works, please do share. Also, from what I understood, this is not a supplement that should be taken constantly, but rather when straying from our low GI diet. The only tricks I've gathered so far by reading the forum were - either chase the sugary, processed etc dish with an occasional dose of psyllium, or increase stomach acidity via betaine hcl or, with some glicemic-managing supplement like Gymnema Silvestre. I was planning to take gymnema s tho on a regular basis since I've been a sugar fiend for ten years now and it's almost maddening to quit the addiction. But I'm not sure if anyone tried it and works quick for acne. (also, right now I'm on a zinc (about 20 mg but will increase) &vitamin c (600 mg) + evening primrose 2500 mg & vit E 50 mg + flax seed oil cure, also taking psyllium daily for a while - some say it works with acne. another question which I don't know where to post would be - supplements taken on an empty stomach --- 1 h before psyllium and all --- make me feel nauseous and want to throw up. thinking to change the order and take supplements 2 h after the husk, let's see if that works. really hoping not to screw my stomach with all these supplements). I think I may be doing something wrong. Thinking a Mega-zinc supplement with no vit c added, as a next and better step. Ty for your answer alternavista, and jemini for the topic, you guys are ace <3
  13. I'd try anything out that would allow me go on a chocolate binge goddamit... Also, I want to add that I couldn't find any NAG supplement, except for something called Forlex, which actually contains hydrolyzed chitin which is said to be the natural polymer for NAG. I'm quite confused.
  14. EyzzChinaDoll

    Vitamin B5 Megadose for a long time

    How does L-carnitine work as a substitute for B5? And is it better to take them both?1 Is it too much if I mix with, say, 50g Zinc a day?! What results did you guys get?!
  15. EyzzChinaDoll

    What Did You Eat Today?

    breakfast: 1 squeezed lemon, 4 or 5 handsful of pumpkin seeds, apricot seeds, almond mix & one big spoon of goji berries, 1 cup green tea w lemon -will edit further during the day-