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  1. I'm surprised that white tea doesn't have more positive reviews on the acne.org reviews page! It might be because white tea supposedly tastes horrible and is more expensive. Anyway, I'll consider doing the 2/2 combo. Or doing some other combo. Ergh, there are so many teas and so many combinations, it's very hard to choose the "right" one...
  2. I've been thinking about drinking 4 cups of tea daily. Green tea is an anti-androgen, but so is spearmint tea. Which anti-androgen is better: green tea or spearmint? Is it better to drink 2 cups spearmint and 2 cups green tea, or 4 cups green tea or 4 cups spearmint? (Or another combination?) Anyone tried this combo?
  3. Jeez, it seems like there's no real consensus on this. But, it's really no wonder why people haven't figured out what causes acne, since there are dozens if not hundreds of factors involved (and it varies from person to person). Thanks for sharing, guys. I'm kind of waiting for some more input from others, though...
  4. Thanks, but for some reason, but it took several clicks to get it working. Ergh, stupid computer hates me.
  5. From what I've understood, gluten and genetically modified food cause acne? Or can they aggravate inflammation if you're allergic to them? What if you're not allergic to them? No one (friends and family) has explained this to me very well. I'm so confused.