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    Hi there! I wanted to encourage you to read the book or watch the movie by the name of Food Matters (foodmatters.tv) I have completely cured my acne with my diet. You can find it on Netflix. It is possible to clear up your skin! I promise...I'm living proof! Inflammation on your face probably means you have severe internal inflammation caused by an imbalance of PH, toxicity, and/or lack of nutrients in your body. That seems to be the way our body let's us know (we acne sufferers!) Deto
  2. Hello everyone! I posted this earlier under an article about how food effects acne...hope this helps someone out there! I’ve recently been suffering from the acne on the chin and lower jawline which appears more like a rash. It was almost like my skin could not do it’s job and no matter what i did to treat it topically, it did not work (tea tree oil various gentle soaps, moisturizers…alkaline testing, increased water intake…you know the routine). So i’m excited to report that i hav