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  1. Must be really hard to stay off dairy, because milk ingredients is in a ton of food products.. Atleast lactose intolerance people can usually take a pill with the dairy food theyre about to consume Great to hear you found your cure!
  2. Zinc didnt do anyting for my acne, and i was on that for 5 months, 150mg daily
  3. Anyone tell you that you look like Gillian Anderson? Anyway, i have about the same amount of acne you do but on my back and shoulders and the Derm said it was severe enough to put me on accutane. Hope this helps
  4. You might be right, i have cystic acne and the doctor did say i have abnormal blood work!
  5. Hey everyone, im a male and i have really bad cystic acne all over my body, mostly my upper chest, shoulders and back, sometimes i get it on my neck.. but the weird thing is my face is completely clear. I've had acne since i was 14yrs old. I've been using cleansers and bp for months now and it doesnt seem to be helping. Ive tried no dairy diets, no gluten diets, no egg diets, no refined sugar diets and why i have seen minor improvements, the cystic acne still remains. I'm also taking zi
  6. My acne was as bad as yours when i went on Accutane and it cured me 100%, stayed clear for two years then it returned.. but not as bad. It's a miracle drug for sure, dont waste your time with anything else.
  7. I was put on this medication a year or so ago and noticed my body acne has gotten really bad, more so than usual since my doctor has upped the dosage, i dont get acne on my face just on my stomach, back and neck. My doctor wont say if its the medication or not, so is there anyone else taking this that has experienced acne with it? this is a drug that affects hormones after all.. Been thinking of just having my doctor take me off of it.
  8. ^ what green gables said, i was on accutane many years ago, although it did heal my acne the acne returned years later, with vengeance. So best bet to me would be to try and get your hormones balanced, a naturopath might be able to help you with that.
  9. Okay i believe i was in the same boat as you, ive had cystic acne since i was 14, went on accutane at 20 which cleared my skin perfectly, the acne came back few years later and seemed to be getting worse each year. Being 28yrs old now i would recommend going back on accutane, its the only thing that really works.. Or you could waste 6 years of your life living with the cystic acne like me trying to find "the cure" which doesnt exist besides accutane, or you could get lucky and simply grow o
  10. Okay, no offense is definitely the attitude at work here, however you are not licensed to say with 100% confidence that the above dosages are "100% safe". Such a statement is mere laughter when you consider RDA's, DRI's, UL's to name a few. Coming from natural sources versus pills does not automatically mean better or even safer, such is the same case in organic vs not oranic foods. Its merely situational (and dependent on the soil, soil content, and fertilizers used ect). A great example is vit
  11. Okay ive seriously had enough, im trying the best that i can to deal with this %$^&$&#^ cystic acne and it seems my body is just rejecting everything. I cant take Accutane because i apparently have liver autoimmune disease (which i suspect i got from the accutane i took in 2001) I cant take vitamins like zinc, saw palmetto, milk thistle, etc etc because it makes my throat sore to the point its like strep throat I cant use vinegar to fight the cystic acne on my body without getti
  12. I remember asking my naturopath about this years ago and she said acne wasnt allergy related, sighh i dont even know anymore
  13. How do you wash your hair? if i dont wash mine within 15hrs it goes extremely greasy
  14. I had to stop taking the vitamins because it was swelling up my throat, felt like i had strep throat and was extremely painful.. pain went away after i stopped taking the pills for a couple days. Not willing to try this again