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  1. I don't know if you didn't want females posting on this, but I never thought I'd come across someone else who also feared different lightings because of the way it sets off your skin. I feel so much more confident when I'm in dim light with people. Fluorescent is definitely *the* worst and sunshine/cloudy days are pretty bad too. I think my self confidence really slips the more unflattering the light is, and I tend not to look people in the eye. Also, I suck at applying make up, so even if it
  2. I get a lot of acne when I get stressed out, but this last particularly terrible bout of stress, I also got a coldsore! I find this terribly unfair that I'm already embarrassed about my skin, but now I'm even more self-conscious until it goes away. My sister gets coldsores usually, and I get the acne, so I jokingly said "I got a coldsore as well as acne because I'm a greedy bitch" so what happens when you get stressed out? And how do you deal with stress?
  3. I was dressing up for some halloween themed thing at school a few years ago, and I was wearing some white face powder like a witch costume and this guy in my group said "Did you stick the pimples on or......?" and when I looked away awkwardly he just stopped awkwardly. That was terrible. Never forgotten that moment.
  4. Hi there. I think it's a great thing to remember to be grateful for other things that are great in our lives. Everyone has issues and challenges to deal with, anyway. 3 things I don't like: - The acne battle of course - How I can say things without thinking, and hurt the people I care about - How hard it is to take my own great advice! 3 things I do like: - My sense of humour - My motivation - My eyes
  5. I'm wondering if anyone has tried the Skin Culture 4000 peel from the website skinculture dot com. It was highly recommended for scarring post-acne by the guy who wrote "Acne No More" (which is my personal bible). I want to try this out but I'm not sure which package to go with. One has a papaya and pumpkin seed mask and a skin brightening gel and the other has a "Special Clay Masque" and "Bee Propolis Ampoule." I've had a look at people's reviews of Bee Propolis and it sounds like the way to