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  1. Hey guys It's been a really long time, I stopped takin accutane for a month because my har was fallin out and I freaked out a bit also don't drink on accutane I use to have one every now and then but I got a bit to comfortable and drank too much and it screwed up my enzymes and liver acidity. So I had a month break, back on it now for the past week, but my skin is amazing little red marks (very faint) where I had acne, but during the month I was off only had 2 small pimples, they would have been
  2. Sorry its been a while since I posted, everything is good. My skin has cleared up amazin in the past few days, but im still waiting for another break out (fingers crossed). Im also growing a kick ass Mo and neck beard to raise money for Movember. I have been havin hectic nose bleeds some mornings when I wake up. And some dry patches on random spots on my arms and my lips are still as dry as a cactus' bumhole. Still really thirsty all the time, and I think im starting to notice some sun sensitivi
  3. Sorry to hear about ur toe, I am happy too,because I learnt a new word "Glabella". I have no idea what it means but I learnt it.
  4. So its been ages since I've blogged, I've lost count of the days.Not much really changed just dryer than ever, my nosebleeds have gotten a little bit worse sometimes they wont stop for a while but if I hold a tissue there they calm down fairly fast mos tof the time, lips aren't too bad I finished my first chapstick today,gotta invest in a new one quick smart. I am drinkin crazy amounts of water, I can't get enough I always have a few bottles on the go, ready. I also keep getting patches on my ar
  5. No5tarfish

    My Life In Ruins...

    Stay Strong, I know exactly how u feel. Ur not alone
  6. So today I am very tired so this will be a short post right, alrighty then.More tired than ever and my long days at work aren't helping, My skin is veryvery dry i have tomoisturise everytime Iget out of the shower and my face is flaky and I have dry patches on my neck, behind my ears, pretty much everywhere. Dandruff has returned and my hair feels drier and drier everyday, Acne is fluctuating is ok at the moment, I only seem to be getting small outbreaks around my nose, but everytime I feel a c
  7. Wot up peeps? So my skin is so dry its actually flakng off my arms, i still have old mate on my nose but he is starting to dry up and should be gone soon, another bloke will pop up and take his place no doubt. Dandruff, dry hair it all feels normal now, I still get a little headache every so often,not to bad. Im actually eating healthy now so I guess thats helping things a lot, i feel good, Im waking up early and not even getting that much sleep and I feel great. Drinking oceans of water everyd
  8. So I saw my derm today, Im on 3/ 20mg pills a day now. Which Im pretty happy about now cos it means im getting there. Symptom wise pretty bad nose bleed today. Well not heaps bad just wouldn't go away, I'm sure I'll have worse ones later on in the course. Muscles aching but thats just from gym and work but the tane does make it worse than usual. Skin is mostly clear except one humungo volcano about to erupt on my nose, and some random little ones scattered around. Why the nose I wouldn't care if
  9. I live in australia a half an hour drive from the gold coast a.k.a the surface of the god damn SUN!!!! Also I went to the gym maybe made it itch??? Im going to my derm this morning so I'll ask him about the anti-acne product situation.
  10. I had blood tests today, I always look away and sing a bit of a song I like in my head, works for me it's done before I know. It's strange I have a fair bit of tattooing yet syringes freak me out. Blood is icky
  11. Yes Yes Yes Batcave!!! Ur awesome cheered me was having a crap day, lookin and feelin like sh!!!!t but Batcave hahahaa
  12. Hey man they're not that bad just a bit annoying, well ive had 2 flare ups. Ive only been on accutane a few weeks though and life isn't any different apart from the dry lips and being thirsty. I've only had a few side effects none have been severe or bad, the side effects show that the stuff is working. I've been doing a blog have a look to see what to expect in the first couple weeks. Have a good one man.
  13. Did you know if u press ur ear against a strangers leg you can hear them say "WTF are you doing?".

    1. Ola, sooooo today, nothings changed still waiting for my skin to change.Feeling a bit down today cos of it. It isn't that bad really just a few big ones and a couple smaller but everywhere else is clear though so ya gotta take the good with the bad... I guess. I see what they mean when they say u heal slower, the spots I have at the mo are taking ages to shove off. I discovered I had a lot more dandruff than I thought while scratching my head at work and saw it snow down like an itchy, flake bli