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  1. What I meant was carbs and sugars . It took awhile it wasn't like it was over night. I did break out the first couple months. Here's the thing though, I had tried everything even accutane twice. I was at my point where I was thinking I may as well be healthy because this acne is not leaving. I started with green smoothies and berries and low carb fruits. Then as I became healthier I started on every fruit in unlimited quantities. I also added that 500 mg of glutathione. I went vegan also . If I
  2. Oh ya and I know what its like to think acne is the end of the world.. to cry to feel like hiding all that, and to avoid going out sometimes. So ya I tried just about everything on here and prescriptions so I think It is kind of my duty to post Im clear and have been so for about 2 years. feel free to ask me anything and Ill try my best to help. Cuz I want good karma >.> also if i did go off the pill i would get very bad acne... thats why they put me on the pill. so i know for a fact is t
  3. Ok. I have struggled with breakouts and bad acne all my life... I am a female and I have been on this site years ago. I just wanted to tell you all what worked for me . When nothing has. It was getting off the bcp and also... CHANGING MY DIET. yes it was journey it took a while as well. I didnt liver cleanse or do anything like. What I did do was, I started eating all veggies and fruits... Yes against what i was taught . Carbs sugar blah blah blah. I started drinking and eating lots of green lea