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  1. bclikesyou

    Shaving makes me break out!

    Here's my deal: I always, always shave while taking a shower. I usually run the blade (manual) under hot water for 30 seconds or so. Ever since I started shaving in the shower, my chin acne has decreased incredibly. ALSO, change your blade consistently. I've actually been using this same blade for a while and my chin's starting to break out again. see how it goes!
  2. hi. i'm bc. so i've used the regimen for a while now, buuuuttt i've been slacking and my face has suffered because of this. so i'm starting a log to keep myself from said slacking. so here's thursday the 29th. morning - biore ice cleaner, csr gel night - biore ice cleaner, csr gel washed my pillow cases but still haven't put them on. smoked four cigarettes. went to sleep around 3-3:30 am. boo. status - nodule? between eyes (red, hurts, not coming to a head), pimple on side of nose, hurtful whi
  3. bclikesyou


    my log forcing me to keep up with the regimen
  4. hi. so here's my deal: i'll get one of these once a month or so my question is, is it a nodule or cyst? it usually comes to a small head, but is usually red and noticeable and doesn't hurt. sometimes lasts from a few days to a week and then leaves a blemish for about a week or longer. i don't get "red face" acne at all. i sometimes get small typical whiteheads which are usually gone in a week. i use dan's bp gel once a day and use biore blemish fighting ice cleaner (a salicylic acid face was
  5. bclikesyou


    general pictures
  6. I recently entered the working field (just graduated from college). On top of acne, i look about 5 years younger than i am but i was lucky enough to land a decent job (i work with elementary kids after school). Seriously what it's about it emitting the biggest prescence you can. If you come across as confident and in charge of what you're doing, people will seriously look past it. The other day I realized a friend has mild-moderate acne even tho i've seen him multiple times recently. It's
  7. bclikesyou

    New BP gel (with less preservatives) Yay or nay?

    Yeah the newest batch is working wonderfully for me. The 8/07 stuff definitely made my face red and i had a few cysts due to it. The newest stuff is already clearing up the blemishes left from those cysts and it doesn't burn either. Thanks Dan. I couldn't ask for better service
  8. As per usual, here's my story. Found Dan's bp gel a year ago. Used it and within a week my face was completely clear. I never really had mild or severe acne. I would either get small pimples or cysts. The cysts obviously being more embarassing. I would get them on my chin or on either sides of my nose. Over the course of using Dan's gel, I even cut it down to using it once every 2-3 days and it still kept me completely clear. Then *dun dun* I ordered the new gel. I got the one hour red
  9. bclikesyou


    here's what i did that cleared me up with proactiv. only use the repairing lotion. use a lot of it. then a moisturizer. it cleared my face up quite well.
  10. bclikesyou

    first week

    hello i'm bc. i've had mild acne since my early teens. i'm now 21. at the start of this semester, i developed some large cysts on my face which would appear as another went away. (this might be due to the really hot showers i take). but they've subsided for the time being. however my forehead, temple, and chin area were/are always problematic. it always seemed like two weeks out of the month i was having a break out, then i'd have clear skin for another two weeks, then repeat. i got proacti
  11. hm this would make sense. at the start of this semester i moved into a different dorm AND starting getting large cysts on my face which was typically clear. although i do love taking nuclear hot showers, i will try to cool them down and see how it goes. thanks!