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  1. I must say I agree with you but iv never plucked, waxed my facial areas where the ice pikcs are present, however i feel these indentations relate to folicle issues, I have a feeling that the hard to wash off makeup I was using played a role (hygiene) and possibly retin A gel, as mine appeared sooo randomly after using a particular long lasting makeup, I literally went to work one day (after months of using and loving the makeup in question) after work I took a look in my mirror and could not rec
  2. I am still hoping someone will come across the tre cleare lotion, please if you are that person message me. I give my word i strongly beleive this lotion will help me and others it really tightens and its not a temp effect as its also a little drying, atleast i know with this within a week or so i would not need to wear foundation and from there it will also treat the smaller ice picks and smooth out the rest i give my word. All i need is assistance to locate it, i am still searching, i just f
  3. Hi there, I totaly gree with you, as i have tried retin A gel and my pores/pitted scars widened and im realy confused about sticking to see if i will see improvements in the end, but from what i hear the longer the pores are stretched they can become permanent and only get worst with age but retin is supposed to refine the skin????
  4. Hi I have justrecently registered on this site although I have been visiting for a while, in my experience as I have tried retin A gel 0.1% srength, it can actually make scars look worse for me, as i am currently struggling to find a way to make it work without the reddening effect and some may think why not just go on the lower strength but i just dont feel that will work as fast as I need it to, I do beleive in the long run the positive benefits will out weigh the negatives, i have read most
  5. Hi, From my experience assuming that you are talking about Alpha Hydrox brand, I have used the Gel version in the tube, it will help with redness and perhaps pore size, however for me it made me purge, break out etc and from makeupalley reviews this is common, it really depends if you are willing to go through all that. I remember about 2 1/2 yers ago that the gel version made my skin glow with a flawless appearance but back then i had no ptted scars so I cant say for certain if it will help w
  6. I am pleading for assistance, someone please respond. All i ask is for any willing person/persons to also look for this product in thier area, once i get hold of it i promise to update my progress with pictures also, I really beleive this can help me to some extent and others. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I have just registered on this site, however I have been lurking in the dark for the past 5 months. Through this time I must confess that I have lost a lot of hope following excitement over any new intervention I come accross then reading reviews and other peoples experiences. BACK GROUND: I am a 25 year old british lady, live in the UK, have been free from acne since i turned 18-20? so 5 or more years free yay I had no issue with skin problems and did not use any foundation etc till my