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  1. My acne has subsided ALOT. I used to wash with just water but now I hardly even wash my face. I only get my face wet when I have to shave. Even when I sweat, I don't wash it. I just let it dry and now I hardly break out. My skin tone has even out a lot more now. Also I don't pick at my skin like I use to. However, my right side (which is usually the clearest) broke out weeks before I even quit washing my face completely. Everything has pretty much healed except for those pesky marks. Here are so
  2. I went through it twice and it seemed it work better after the second course. And no offense to anyone on here, I would do what you think would be beneficial for you. Some people preach diet and hollistic methods claiming that's the real way to treat acne when they themselves are still breaking out after following there own advice. I eat whatever I want, sometimes don't wash my face and my face is healing and normal now. I don't stress out anymore because of restricting my diet or personal hygie
  3. Thanks. I'm kind of glad the marks aren't that bad from my skin tone. I'm not using any kind of regimen anymore and I credit my skin tone to that.
  4. Trust me you don't. Any kind of acne regardless of the severity of it sucks balls . I guess you're right. Acne sucks in general and can crush one's self-esteem really bad. But, yours not as bad as you might think if that can make you feel better about it . Some people used to tell me mine wasn't that bad too even though I felt it wasn't true Thanks I really appreciate it I guess the biggest critic to my skin is myself. Now that I really look at my picture, it's not as bad as I thought. Sti
  5. Trust me you don't. Any kind of acne regardless of the severity of it sucks balls .
  6. The first image is me outside. Sorry for the awkwardness of the mugshot-like photo lol. My skin is bleh :/ The second image is my left side. It looks bad The third image is my right side. I never had a problem with this side until two weeks ago. It's been breaking out and it looks worse than ever also ignore my finger by my nose. I guess I was trying to pick my nose or something lol. Despite my skin flaring up for whatever reason, it doesn't bother me as much.
  7. Maybe I was lucky but I took Accutane twice in a 2 year period, and all I got a was dry lips, nosebleeds, and muscle aches. No depression or any thing. Just a return of some acne :/
  8. Feeling good. I finally just accepted it. I'm prone to pimples no matter what I do. So I'm no longer stressing out at all and what do you know, my face is clearing up and evening out. Regardless, acne wasn't holding me back.. I was.
  9. Congrats on being on Accutane and I'm sure it will give you the results you aim for. You definitely seemed prepared and aware of the risks of taking it. I, myself have been on Accutane twice and it cured me perfectly the first time but the acne came back slowly after a few months so I started my second course a year after that and finished last July. However I still get some pimples buts its now light and extremely persistant. I was one of those rare cases but now It doesn't bother me so much
  10. Thanks it's light acne but it sucks either way. This is the worst it's been :/ I will try green tea. Thanks for reminding me that I had some lol
  11. So this me now and I cant really tell what type of acne I have. My left cheek still has some marks and I thought they faded but the camera doesn't lie lol. Dang. My right cheek broke out which is weird but oh well. Any advice on how get clear cause I'm so close. I only moisturize with Cetaphil moisturizing lotion now. I was doing the water only method but the dry skin and flakes were getting out of hand. I still got the occasional pimples but thats it. I need a way to prevent the pimples cause I
  12. I'm sure everyone knew what you meant, at least to an extent . For example, people who have just as much acne as myself tend to go overboard, even by my standards. I find myself annoyed trying to calm them down so much, but I would never ignore their emotions or state of thought. Some people are fortunate, some aren't. It's just that everyone is different and not everyone can find what works for them. It can take months to years, not to mention all the scams that are out there, fooling people in
  13. Card27

    Right cheek

    This is usually my clearest side but I broke out :/ nothing major but its kind of a bummer
  14. Card27

    My left cheek

    This is me now. I can't tell if their is much of a difference with my red marks fading and the ones I took a pic of in September. I broke out al little bit but that's it. I hope they blend in better. What do you guys think?