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  1. You are very pretty. Once your skin clears and evens out your gonna be a beautiful young adult.
  2. 9/21/2011 I got my products today in the mail pictures with update and pics soon stay tuned! Attached is everything I will be using. 9/22/2011 Pores are smaller and redness has seemed to fade overnight! One thing that impressed me was before I went to sleep my nose is usually oily and there was no sign of oil anywhere. Only shiny from the moisturizer and jojoba oil. Can't wait to see how tomorrow turns out. My skins not even dry after using a pea sized amount of BP twice yesterday so I wi
  3. Well the bad part about mine is I'm almost positive it's genetics / hormonal so no matter how well I clean it and eat healthy I can barley tell what works and what doesn't. :/ I really asked though so I could take the personalized acne advice quiz on this site but thank you!
  4. I don't know what one I got.... I am completley clear everywhere else except in the areas in this picture.... Honestly it has its good and bad cycles and is currently on the bad atm so I decided to take pictures so you guys can help me find out what kind of Acne I have http://i55.tinypic.com/2lne6bn.jpg http://i51.tinypic.com/2vwz8cy.jpg http://i51.tinypic.com/2h5mcjm.jpg Also is the regimen for me???
  5. I like to have a little stubble since I am 20 so it makes me look a little more mature and professional. I'm wondering if I can keep doing this or will it affect the regimen? The reason is on the sides of my face it's perfectly clear that hair is...... Just to note on a lot of regimen pictures I see everyones clean shaven so it worrys me.... help?
  6. Alright these two are the two most well known acne fighters..... but which one comes out on top? I personally have tried both directly on similar cysts at the same time overnight and the both had no effect from what I could tell the morning after. So which do you guys prefer and why?
  7. So can I still get a little tan without turning red if i follow the regimen correctly?
  8. I was on wikipedia and it showed a girls face with "Skin irritation due to benzoyl peroxide" http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/comm...operoxideRx.JPG I bought Dans regimen and I don't want to be looking like that! If I follow it right will I end up looking like that anyway? That can't be good I also noticed your clothes can be stained by it and I've noticed that in the past...... any tips to avoid that?
  9. Just wondering 3 questions. 1- Will the starting 1-2 months supply be enough to see results so I can place another order before then if i see progress or are the first 2 months not going to show improvement yet? 2- Can I still get a little sun while on the regimen? (Enough to not appear pale?) (my skin is white if that helps any?) 3- I have mild acne (If I avoid sugar and drink lots of water the only areas that still get acne is my mouth/jawline area) so will it get worse before it gets bet
  10. Alright. I tried BP back a number of years ago and reading how it hurts your skin tells me to back off buying it again. As I get older it's slowly going away but I try to maintain a low sugar diet. Whats the best wait to "naturally" treat it? I like going out in the sun every once and awhile and while using most topicals (BP) that will burn my face I think naturals the better choice in the long run.
  11. it is minor, but it's a question I had and wanted to know if the gene always gets passed down
  12. I'm only 20 but I worry that I might pass on Acne to my kids when I have them in the future. I know my acnes from Genetics because it's the same with all males in my generation that's related to me on my dads side. If my girlfriend/wife-to-be doesn't have skin prone to acne do you guys think there's a chance that our kids will avoid the acne prone skin? (I know they might get a pimple here and there but I don't want them to have at least one 24/7 like i did in my teens. Basically I don't want m