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  1. It's hard to explain, but the new pimples that are forming are a lot smaller, and not the typical big puss filled ones I've gotten in the past. Since starting these changes I have yet to get a big one. EDIT: I haven't added anything new into my diet, just got rid of all the unhealthy stuff. I've always eaten healthy food mixed with bad food, so I don't think it would be a food intolerance.
  2. Hello everybody... I joined this site a while back when my acne was at it worst, and tried the DKR products. They did work, but left my face extremely dry and red, so I decided to take a more holistic view on treating acne. I have a couple questions, During the month of January, I began drinking a lot more water, and slowly cleared up, not 100% but an improvement was visible. At the beginning of February I was reassigned to midnights, and my water intake went way down. My sleep schedule
  3. I'm using Fruit of the Earth 100% Aloe Vera Gel, you can find it at like Walmart, or any other drug store. I've been applying it to my entire face before bed, but I would suggest just spot treating at first. It really brings the redness down, and speeds the healing process up, at least for me.
  4. I've cut back my use of benzaclin to only spot treating, IF that, and I can tell a little bit of reduction on the redness. I'm still on oral anti-biotics, so I'm still sensitive to the sun, but it seems the oral antibiotics are preventing new acne, other than a couple here and there. Face still looks horrible though. Thanks for the reply.
  5. I worked at McDonald's for years, it really was a great job. Everyone I worked with I got along fine with, and yes I had acne then.
  6. I've had really only one since my acne got really bad, it was extremely short lived though, reasons not pertaining to acne. If you really care about him, and he really cares about you, which is an extremely large part of a relationship. If you close to dating, obviously he has feelings for you, he's not going to care about your skin. Coming from a guy, believe me, you have nothing to worry about!
  7. Just bought this today! I plan on using it in the AM only, but had to test it out before I took a shower. It really does cover up the redness, not completely, but it helps. Also has an SPF which I need to add to my regimine anyways.
  8. Hello, I've been using Benzaclin (BP and an antibiotic) since January 3rd. It seems to be getting rid of acne, but leaving my face extremely red. Is this normal for already 1.5 months into treatment? Or can I expect this to generally fade as time goes on? Due to the results, I've reduced the application from twice a day, to once a day, at night, to prevent damage from the sun. I do not wear SPF during the day, but am starting tomorrow, maybe that is the issue? I also moisturize after every
  9. I've went to a dermatolagist and they gave me some kind of white cream and it did nothing. What kind of cream was it? And how long did you use it for? I've been using a gel called BenzaClin since January 3rd, and am just starting to see MINOR results now. You should give it at LEAST 2 months, if not 3.
  10. I've been drinking a green smoothie or two a day for a month and am seeing some decent results. Maybe it's due to the antibiotics and topicals, but if it's not, the smoothie's won't hurt. There's a giant thread in the Holistic section. Good luck!
  11. Nose. I think it's the most noticeable.
  12. So here's my regimen now.... Dan's cleanser benzaclin (an antiobiotic and BP topical) Cetaphil moisturizer I've been on it for a month, and have seen significant clearing, not 100%, but getting there. My face is full of red marks, and just overall redness in general. My derm said apply the benzaclin twice a day, which I think is possibly contributing to the harsh redness. Should I go against his wishes and try once a day? Will that help the red marks at all? Or am I just better off do
  13. Here's something I was thinking about today, thought I'd share it with everyone. I had my first follow-up appointment at my derm today, I've been on an oral antibiotic as well as BenzaClin for the last month, applied both to face and to my back. I've noticed small changes, but nothing impressive. It's not getting worse at least. My derm said he was extremely impressed with the way this combo was working on my back, and also impressed on the condition of my face as well. I just shaved, t
  14. What I've noticed from my oral antibiotic and topical use: Every week is different. Completely. Stick with the treatment for at least 3 months. There's times now where I just want to stop, but I continue and a week later it's alot better. Then I break out, but not as bad, that heals, looks great, then I breakout again, just not as bad as the last, etc. Like a never ending cycle. Stick it out.