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  1. Thank you all so much for your replies! I haven't actually experienced any wrinkles from the BP as of yet, I was just freaking out because I don't want to get them sooner than I should.
  2. Thank you so much for your speedy reply!
  3. So, I'm just freaking out a little bit because I've heard that benzoyl peroxide may cause wrinkles. Is this true? I recently started the regimen using Dan's cleanser, Dan's BP and Dan's moisturizer (with a few drops of jojoba oil mixed in for good measure) and I'm just worried that using the BP will make my skin age quicker and I'll get wrinkles sooner than I would have if I hadn't been using any BP. I know on the F.A.Q. it says that BP doesn't cause wrinkles, but I'd really feel a lot better
  4. Thank you so much for the info Cocobo--you're so wise when it comes to acne.org, I love it!
  5. Hello all! I just started the regimen this past Saturday with Dan's products (the cleanser, the BP, and the moisturizer). When I got the products, there was a little guide inside on the steps to follow when doing the regimen. I'm a bit confused because on the guide that I received with the products, it says to use 2 pumps of everything, but on the website, under "Get clear" and then "Start here", Dan says to use 3 pumps of everything. Is it because the bottles have changed that the amount of
  6. Were you using Dan's cleanser prior to the Cetaphil one?
  7. I'm really looking forward to seeing your progress with the regimen seeing as how your acne looks a lot like mine! Unfortunately, I won't be able to start the regimen for another 7 months because I'm going to Europe to teach English and I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on shipping costs. When you say that you bought the exact kit, do you mean Dan's cleanser, BP, and moisturizer?
  8. Thanks very much for your reply Cocobo! I'll probably do what you suggested and reorder when I'm half empty...I just wish that I could order the regimen now, it's just going to be so darn expensive having it shipped over to France. I mean, I've had acne 10 years now, what's another 7 months? By the way, when you say the big bottles, do you mean the ones that are 16 oz?
  9. Wow, thanks so much for all of this information! Unfortunately, I won't be able to start the regimen for another 7-8 months because I'm going to Europe to teach English and I don't want to have to pay ridiculous shipping fees. Even though I'm really excited to be going to Europe for 7 months, I'm really looking forward to coming home and ordering the regimen the first week I'm back in the country!
  10. Hello all! I've been creeping around on this website for the past few weeks because, well, I'm just sick and tired of having acne. I turned 24 a few weeks ago, so that brings my grand total of acne-suffering years to 10. It just really bothers me because I always put makeup on my face before I leave the house and I don't want to have to do this anymore. Plus, when I do leave the house, I find myself looking at other peoples’ faces in envy of their clear, beautiful skin. Unfortunately fo