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  1. Yeah i hear ya. I am even currently still breaking out and it sucks. Like you get those periods when it stops and you get that slight moment of confidence and then the next morning i discover like a bunch of new pimples. Ugh it sucks. I feel like im wasting my entire summer and i wont have many more
  2. Hey, im in the same boat as you. my skin sucks and it has been affecting my life the past few years. its like there is no cure. Socially I have been a wreck before just like what you are going through. I missed so many great social opportunities due to acne my senior year of high school and i told myself i would not let it happen again. Unfortunately, now i am in college and although i have gotten a little better mentally, i am still struggling when it comes to coping with my acne. I know p
  3. theperuvian

    Day 34

    how is it all going??
  4. Yep agreed! I used to use BP but my face got really red so my derm prescribed me Differin in May, which contains Adapalene. Everyones different! It's all a long process trust me lol. I got my big breakout out 2 years ago and I've been doing many things to alter my lifestyle. I'd also recommend using jojoba oil because it is much more natural than other moisturizers and does not clog your pores. Feel free to ask any questions! I've been and still going through the same stuff as you so i feel ya
  5. Hey, Just wanted to say hang in there. i can relate with the benzol peroxide dryness. It made my face red and dry at first but your skin should eventually build up a tolerance with it. Btw just wanted to say with or without acne you are absolutely gorgeous not gunna lie
  6. hey man. im currently taking both the solodyn and differin. i started taking it in May so ive had a little more than 3 full months on the prescription. for me it was weird wen i first took it. i would break out in different spots for a couple weeks and then it would stop. im assuming this was part of the initial breakout. but my derm. told me it takes a few months to fully work so you gotta be patient. and trust me, time is the biggest enemy. it sucks havin to wait but so far working pretty wel
  7. hey man. I'm in that same situation as you with the hyper pigmentation marks and some scarring. i also have darker skin like you too. what i find best to do is making a homemade mask. i mix honey, cinnamon, and lemon juice. very simple. 2 times a week. it exfoliates the skin and is 100% natural and cheap. not only does it help with the marks, but it also fights acne. the honey is a moisturizer and also fights the acne. the cinnamon exfoliates the skin so that the marks fade and skin is more heal
  8. eyyy guys. just switched to differin gel and solodyn oral prescription. so far so good. I've learned that dark marks pretty much take time. sure....honey and exfoliates help but not that much. u just gotta be patient with the red/purplish marks and move on. they are better than active acne at least
  9. actually yeah now that i tihink about it dark marks are much worse on your cheecks like what i have. i had dark marks on my chin and they only lasted a month. but the ones on my cheeks have been around for 6 months... dont worry about it man. friends and family dont care about it and either should you, im slowly learning that. but one day ull wake up and notice it was all a dream
  10. if theres something ive learned its not to put a time on stuff. it could lead to dissapointment. id suggest switching up your diet. whats your diet like now?
  11. describe to me a daily routine of your day including diet and stuff. maybe i can help ya out
  12. lentils!!! great in fiber also. each serving is about 20g of carbs and 9g fiber. veryy healthy and fills you up. i have these with my salad everyday. u just gotta cook them for alittle and your good. also eat a bunch of vegetables. they contains carbs and are packed high in vitamins which are great for clearing your skin. also recommend getting a lot of omega 3s. these reduce acne and inflammation. great for skin. you can get them from eating fish and flaxseed meal has lot too. good luck!!
  13. Alright. I tried BP back a number of years ago and reading how it hurts your skin tells me to back off buying it again. As I get older it's slowly going away but I try to maintain a low sugar diet. Whats the best wait to "naturally" treat it? I like going out in the sun every once and awhile and while using most topicals (BP) that will burn my face I think naturals the better choice in the long run. yeah i would agree naturally is the best way. these are the things i do and i dont have a