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  1. I just noticed today is your 18th birthday! You are oficially an adult. Happy birthday

    1. It's been a while since I've visited this site since my school started, but my best advice is remove dairy completely out of your diet. I can guarantee you that in less than 2 months, you will be completely free from break outs or acne. I'm not saying it's an easy thing to do, but believe me it works. It takes a while for you body to clean itself from all the toxins that dairy gives to your body. During the first three weeks if your acne is severe, you probably won't notice much of an improvemen
    2. How well do egg masks fade old marks from months ago?
    3. I usually have at least 1 fall out every two-three days. But it doesn't bother me since I have very thick ones that grow fast.
    4. I'd also say sleeping. Mainly because that's when my skin heals the fastest. But for the first time ever, I had a dream about acne today.
    5. Bananas are great, it fills your hunger quite quickly. I usually eat 2 - 4 a day.
    6. I know my mom's accupunture can tell if a person is stressed or not by just looking at their tongues. But I wonder if there's another physical way to tell. Cause I'd like to know if I'm stressed and or if I'm just in denial.
    7. I've watched those proactive infomercials, and I remember hearing that you can return the bottles for a full refund even if they're empty. Even though they didn't work for me, I don't think any product can give results in just 2 weeks.
    8. I'm not chinese but I think it's called "shaji". It's also reffered as Hippophae rhamnoides. First of all I only take may 10-15% of it internally.The rest I squeeze out to a small container and apply it to my face and leave it there for around 7-12 hours. This is a natural herb, it will not cause you to break out initially. There is absolutely no irritation but it does feel like there's honey stuck to your face especially the first hour after applying it. But luckily I am asian and it hides well
    9. Vegan diet, exercise, and a little bit of accupunture cure my moderate/severe acne.
    10. Yes there is such thing as permenant red marks, but the chances of that happening are very rarely and I think genetics also plays a factor. I think they may only happen your mid twenties when your skin doesn't heal as fast. But if your still a teenager I doubt you should worry, but it can seem like your marks are permenant since it sometimes takes more than a year.
    11. Everyone has different skin tones and also the colour of mark a person may get after a spot clears. The marks I use to get ranged anywhere from light brown to black. Unfortunately, the darker it is, the longer it takes to clear. As to how to get rid of them, the safest cure I know is simply time.
    12. Masturbation/Sex converts your testosterones into DHT. Many research show that excessive DHT leads to acne (Just type "DHT ACNE" on google). As long as you don't do it more than 3 times a week then your fine. Your better off just exercising to convert those testosterones to muscles instead. Besides, it's pretty much proven that excessive masturbation will lead to premature ejaculation and other issues that I won't touch that'll concern you in the future, especially if you start at a young age. A
    13. You should never be afraid to consume fruits.