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  1. I am so sorry to hear that. I heard such great things about the green peel and was very close to doing it for myself. I hope the cystic acne got better for you. How many days did it take for you to peel? I read that five days and you have a whole new skin. Guess that's BS. Thank you for your feedback.
  2. Hi Everyone! I had to share this because I know it can help a lot of people. I have tried many MANY concealers (spent $$$$) on everything from very expensive brands to cheapo things I couldn't resist buying. They either worked for a while or not at all. I read some good reviews at www.makeupalley.com and decided to try yet another concealer. Mary Kay Signature Concealer is the only one that has been able to hide my ugly acne scars that are still red and too stubborn to fade away. What I found
  3. Hi Everyone! I haven't written in almost a year and here is how my treatments and face have been looking so far: No more cystic break-outs. However I am battling with acne scars. I occasionally get pimples (not cysts) when I am more stressed but they go away in a few days if i just LEAVE THEM ALONE!! This is what I had to find out the hard way. If I just tied my hands behind my back-my face would be a lot prettier now. Overall, the microderabrasions were o.k. and gave a jump start to l
  4. Hi Green Eyes, With Differin, it gets worse before it gets better. Luckily when I used it with my anitbiotic, I didn't break out. I used the combo of Doxy(an antibiotic), differin and cleocin T. I swear to the Doxy, because it cleared my face up in about a week. It is specially made for the skin. Is Diane35 that you are taking a type of birth control also? I just switched to Yasmin a month ago and I have heard it being compared to Diane35 which is used everywhere but the States due to its
  5. Hi Everyone, I had a MegaPeel done Friday. MegaPeel is microdermabrasion and I am planning to do a series of 4. The first time I was told that I would notice my face smoother and maybe very slight lightening of my redish acne scars. They said a huge difference wouldn't be seen until a few times later so don't get my hopes up yet. I was happy that they were honest with me about this. My face does feel smoother, softer and the scars look basically the same. I'm o.k. with this because for t
  6. Please before anyone uses any types of peels KNOW: this is really powerful stuff. BE CAREFUL. If something doesn't feel right wash it off ASAP!! Good luck to you all and lets hope this gets better...
  7. Hi, I use Neutrogena SPF 15 daily moisturizer. It is o.k. but warning DO NOT get this stuff close to your eyes or on any open wounds. It will STING LIKE A MOTHER FUC***!!! Besides that it is pretty good, I wear it during the day time and under makeup. It can look a bit greasy sometimes if you put too much on. If you have extreamly dry skin I would use something heavier though. The good thing about Neutrogena is it is safe for your face.
  8. Hi Everyone, I got back from Vegas today and had a great time. The downside to the trip was (besides wasting too much $$$) it was very windy which we all know is KILLER to skin. I have such dry skin now that I can feel it when I smile! OUCH!! Anyone know super good moisturizer or cream that I can use? Only one new zit so far, red spots fading well. The antibiotics are doing their job and so it are the topical meds. Thanks Doc!!
  9. Hi, I use Prescriptives Virtual Skin Foundation which gives sheer to medium coverage. You can build on this though. Also they have medium to full coverage foundations, I have tried their Luxe and it covers good. The foundation brush does not come with it. Also, just to clarify: Prescriptives is not Physician's Formula. They are different brands and before I started using Prescriptives I use to think they were the same myself.
  10. Hi, I believe it is a bad idea to mix BP and Salicylic acid together. They are both pretty strong and will dry out your skin. I have tried Clinique Superfit also, but the coverage is not enough for me, even though it is a good product. I switched to Prescriptives and that is great. It lasts all day and the bottle lasts forever if you use their foundation brush with it. Also, MAC has a good foundation with SPF 15. I stopped buying foundation from drug stores because the colors are never righ
  11. Some of my fav's: Prescriptives Virtual Skin Prescriptives Camouflage Cream MAC Select SPF 15 Foundation MAC Sheer Loose Powder These products have shown to not be caky and LAST!! Sometimes if your skin is really dry under the Camouflage Cream it will cake a bit though. I got a sample kit from Dermablend but it is so difficult to put on.
  12. Hi Everyone, I couldn't wait like a normal person for the cysts to go down. I ended up getting a derm appointment yesterday (a HUGE hassle) and got hydrocortisone injections. So far so good, the cysts are virtually gone. . Amazingly the red marks are fading nicely. I was happy about my face today, which is the first time in a while. I still do the tape method and it's wonderful. The antibiotics and topical meds combo I'm taking may also be helping because my face just felt the best today.
  13. Hi Susan, Everyone is sick of having them. There are different types of acne and depending on which ones your brother has, there are different medications. I have cystic acne and I have to go to the derm for those because over the counter meds do not work on them. Cystic acne are the large ones under your skin that hurt, but never seem to surface. The best think to do is browse this website, the posts and give Dan's regimen a try. Good luck, I wish your brother all the best!
  14. Hi Everyone, I did a 40% Lactic Acid Peel today from makeupartistschoice.com. I left it on 5 min. and my face feels very soft now. I plan to do it 2 times a week like the instruction says. Last night I put 1% hydrocortisone cream on my cystic acne. It went down! It didn't disappear but it did look less red and not as big. I wish I can just run down to the derm and get a hydrocortisone shot any time! Those injections eliminate cysts in 24 hours! Is anyone using Cleocin T or clamidylin (spel
  15. Hi Pimple_Fighter_Chick, You're story sounds just like mine! I have cystic acne on my cheek and chin. These acne hurt! I have four right now and some red spots from ones that have already gone away. If you look at my personal regimen, I'm on similar meds too. A suggestion: cystic acne in females around chin and cheek areas are due to hormone imbalance. I'm thinking of switching birthcontrols to help with this. Maybe, this might be why all of a sudden we are both getting adult acne? S