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  1. hey guyss i could believe it! bezac is actually working.. i used 5% benzoyl peroxide gel and it works gracefully.. although i do get dry skin because of it. it doesnt matter to me aslong as all the redness is gone.. i insist tht you try this product.. start with 2.5 or 5% try not to start with 10% as it drys your skin pretty bad tht your skin is not used it yet i cant emphasize on the degree of happiness im having over it right now tht i want you guys experience it too ohh
  2. i'll give it a goo... soo im sorry mrs. hand and her five daughters... im on vacation
  3. thankss! but i might stick with 5% for a month just so my face can get used to the treatment.. then i'll move on to the wash thanks for the advicenow i know what to do by then
  4. .. you see other people with clear skin, whos never heard of a facial wash then you feel shyt tht you tried so hard to clear it up!
  5. thankss but umm will 5% work still.. cause i have two cyst on my right cheek then the rest is just moderate or maybe i could go for 10%
  6. Thanks for the reply!! i have moderate-severe acne on my right cheek and nowhere else.. my regimen consist of cetaphil cleanser when showering and moisturizer then i put on benzac afterwards.. i also take an oral antibiotic called erythromycin 4 x daily soo destroys bacteria on both sides yeahh i know it wont be overnight although i wish it was lol whats your regimen?
  7. Hey guys i started using Benzac just yesterday, i heard it works wonders against acne but has some side effects (excessive drying and stuff) which i dont mind as long i see results - just wondering what are the initial signs of its workings? (sorry bout grammar) - so far nothing has changed- im a bit impatient lol thanks
  8. thats exactly what im going through. like im trying to be optimistic as much as i can about acne . Before i had an acne breakout, i was completely ignorant about all the identity stuff, i was so fixed at myself looking good that i thought that my identity will come when comes that sort off thing Acne changed my entire perspective about life. i found out that theres more to life than appearances and i believe that it'll help be stronger for dilemma's that lies in the future
  9. OMG!! this sooo describes what im feeling right now.. i feel like i'm a completely different person because of my acne. it's my first time to have break outs on my cheeks and i find it hard to cope with it. I'm usually a care-free guy, easy to talk to (all the good stuff). But now i feel like changing because of this I guess being human what makes us comprehend change. I mean (i'm no psychologist or what ever) but i believe that when faced with dilemmas such as acne etc. we must change
  10. i've been hearing great things about accutane, how its "the Miracle Pill of the 20th century" and also i've been browsing through accutane journals off youtube.. i really think this stuff works! but im also hearing bad stuff about the side effects.. just wondering.. what are these bad stuff? (although i can just search it of the net but i wanna hear from your experiences) and why hasn't the derm prescribed me this rather than boring ol' erythromycin? thank you
  11. i feel you pain man, but i always think there's a light in every tunnel.. we just need to stay strong to go through it.. and Hey! what your going through WILL make you stronger in the future. we can do this buddy!
  12. yeah man.. trial and error story of my life llols.. i don't have any acne of my forehead (where most of my hair is touching) but its my cheeks are the problem.. there's nowhere near hair touching it but it is most affected.. maybe its something to do with things i do to my hair and the product i'm using... i usually straightened my hair then put some clay on it to keep it up.. but i don't want to stop doing so since that's the only confidence booster i'd get to go outside thee house :/
  13. does anyone feel like they don't want to be seen by their old friends again? I have thought about this for awhile now. and was wondering if i'm the only one :/ i haven't seen my friends for about 6 months now because of my skin condition, little too scared on what they would think of me.. :S i know this superficial problem isn't to be fussed about.. but i thought to myself "they can WAIT!" my skin is already improving (little optimistic but I'm cool with that lolls ) I'm just hoping it's
  14. pretend my hand is a gun then shoot the pimples out "BOOM BOOM BOOM!" hahah
  15. i know what you mean.. i felt like my derms advice is inadequate. he prescribed me with just an oral antibiotic "erythromycin" and nothing else.. although at that time, i thought this is all i need i was hoping he could tell me what regime i should do or what diet should i eat.. just something else i could do to prevent further acne from erupting