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  1. I was wondering if anybody here has tried Clear Zinc Oxide Face Potion that is made by Ocean Potion. I have read some goods reviews on other websites but i wanted to see if anyone here has tried it and how good it is. It contains zinc oxide which I read is good but i don't know if it clogs pores or not. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. You know i notice them same thing When I have a beard I have a lot less acne. I guess the beard does protect the face from irritation.
  3. Im on Dan's regimen and it is helping to clear up my active acne. The only real down side are the red marks caused by the bp. Before i started the regimen I had no red marks from previous breakouts and now my face is covered. So i was wondering if there is anybody here who has had success in fading their red marks while on DKR? If so what did you use? Im leaning towards trying acv myself. Thanks for any help or advice.
  4. Well I was on bactrim for a little over a year and the results were great. I had 99% clear skin and was so happy. Then suddenly back in July its like it stopped working. I broke out really bad again and stayed like that for two months so I just stopped taking it as it wasn't helping. There was no change in my acne when I stopped taking it so i figured I had built up a resistance. Since then I have been on the regimen and it has helped a little(not as much as I hoped) but nowhere near as good as
  5. I have been on the regimen for almost 6 weeks now and my face is starting to clear up pretty well. I still have minor breakouts but not nearly as bad as before. So anyways next weekend I'm suppose to go camping but I'm scared to miss an application at all and I know If I go that I will at least miss two and maybe even three. Now I read in another thread where the op was going camping for a week and everybody said that he should be ok. But I haven't been on the regimen as long as he has and am wo
  6. I know there are hundreds of threads about moisturizers already but I couldn't find what i was looking for by searching. Im about two weeks into the regimen and need advice on a moisturizer. I was previously using cetaphil daily face moisturizer with spf 15. I would really like to switch to a moisturizer that is less oily so my face isn't as shiny plus it really burns but that could be from bp. I was wondering about neutrogena oil free for sensitive skin but I got mixed feed back from reading th
  7. That is kinda what i was thinking. I just never understood why more calories would matter as long as I ate clean, which i already do. Thanks for the help.
  8. Hey this is my first post but i have been reading the boards for a while. I have read here that a bulking diet or excess of calories seems to cause breakouts even while on the regimen. I'm wanting to know is it just initial breakouts that subside after your body adjust to the new diet or does it continue the whole time you are eating excess calories? Is there anyone here on the regimen that is bulking or has bulked without terrible breakouts? Thanks for your time.