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  1. Hi Renn, so glad to hear you're doing so well! Congratulations!! I just logged on because I thought I might start taking down my stuff, and I saw a notification saying you'd posted, woot! I'd love to keep in contact with you but am not likely to continue coming on here, so if you were willing, we should swap emails!
  2. You are smoking hot Renn! Now all that's left is for you to realise it!
  3. I had to like this, because Incubus are amazing. I too, will be attempting to lick Brandon's feet throwing my shirt at him, but from a much closer, more intimate position, hehehe. They are pretty sweet live too, but I am biased. And Red Hot Chili Peppers are godly. Also fantastic live. When they're pumped full of drugs.
  4. You can phlog?! Wow. This may change things. Or I'll be as slack as ever. But still! Mind is blown. Mostly by you coining the phrase "phlogging". So, infinitely, cool. And oh how I love the irony of you needing to apply for the net online! As a final think I love, it's that you say "Internet" (capitalised and everything!), like an old lady. How is your "Internet' today Om? "What's this newfangled Internet thing for anyway? In my day we wrote letters to people. On paper!" Feeling you on the seb
  5. unblvbl


    I have to like this because yay, new entry! OMS I think I'm in love with Omelette. He's so bad-arse, you know? And I heard he used to be rich, and knows a dozen languages, and is related to the Queen. I think you'll find it's phat like Cindy Crawford, haha! Have you finished doing the exit clean of the place? That's the worst job ever, and so stressful. I hate it so much I'd've actually offered to help out, if I'd read this earlier, because the only way to do it without wanting to off
  6. ...By the way, I was simultaneously grossed out and excited about the prospect of a photo of the snorted rice grain. I think that makes me almost as weird as the photographer!
  7. Hmm, I go away for a couple of weeks and they steal my sneaky sign in?! Sacrilege! At least I had funny comments waiting for me, and Om-y god Om's new blog entry waiting for me! I have heaps of funny shit you can steal! Maybe I'll make funny graphs my entire entry, it'd probably be a lot more interesting, you guys must be getting sick of me talking about salt. You got a house?? Yay! I was wondering about you, and hoping you weren't homeless in a ditch somewhere! Because you know, if you w
  8. Hallelujah! Thanks AKL, and Thanks Seva! Cheers to a bug-free year for the Org, and all those who work hard to get it that way!
  9. By the way, yes I did survive the "cyclone"! It was much-hyped, but very anticlimactic. In fact it was some of the calmest weather I've experienced on the trip. Ah BOM, how much fun it must be to play the throw-the-dart-to-predict-the-weather game! And also, I stalked you anyway. In my defence, you and AyeAye have been very disappointing, and I need a dose of vicarious-living. So start posting more.
  10. Om! Long time no see! I must admit, I had more than the allowable smirk over the sock graph, it pushed me into somewhat-embarrassing snort territory. Towels! I love towels. But I'm also picky. I'm a towelist, I like good quality towels that aren't going to shed their bright red fluff all over my body, making me look like a muppet (this happened to me when I stayed at my sister's house, after she considerately went out and bought a brand new towel so I had one to use). Haha! I probably do, th
  11. I was going to like this, but then read that Paul had pointed out there are still redirect loop bugs in old posts, so I will withhold affection until that's fixed Thanks for the worming tablets advice, I think it was probably well-placed. I never could do the dance move anyway.
  12. Yeah No news on the new version of the gallery software yet... There's also still a bug with some blog entries (redirect loop). Let's hope this will be over soon. Well it was probably too much to hope for a fix until we're the new year. Gah! I was just afflicted with the redirect loop bug. Stupid thing. Tried taking some worming tablets but the only thing that fixed it was to create a whole new entry and copy the text into that. Go figure.
  13. I can't see your latest entry, due to the dodgy redirect loop thingy (technical term). This displeases me.
  14. Stupid redirect loop! I've been trying to publish this for about twenty four hours..! And now it is very overdue. I actually started writing it ages ago, but never got around to finishing it. And now it's so overdue, I feel like I just need to get it out there, even though it's substandard, and a more disappointing Christmas present than one holey sock (hey, the older you get the more exciting a proper pair of socks becomes because it means you didn't have to go sock-shopping, don't deny it. Eve
  15. Those wedges are so cute, I want some!! And they're striped like candycanes; very seasonal! Shoe envy.