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  1. Day 46 Ok so I dont know if my hormones are completely wacky at the moment or something but I am feeling REALLY discouraged at the moment. I am now on day 46..yeup almost to day 50 and I STILL am breaking out here and there. I get about one or two tiny tiny pin sized pimple once a day or every other day and its so frusturating. My face is covered in patches of healing scabs and god knows you can cover those up I also am having the HARDEST time stopping myself from picking the scabs. t
  2. Hey girl! I am SOOO JEALOUS OF YOU RESULTS! But I am also so so happy for you! I am so glad that this drug is working so well for you! I am still into about day 40 or so and I am still scabby on my face My face is healing at the moment and I still get one small whitehead each day (or every other day or so) and so I am feeling discouraged Its really hard playing this waiting game....I want clear skin already...sorry im griping at the moment.
  3. I agree about the whole drinking thing. My derm said 1 drink a week max and I have decided to completely almost cut out alcohol all together! I had a glass of wine 2 weeks ago but I dont count that much since its so little and I dont do it often at all! I notice that whenever I drink even a little bit I get pimples and my skin seems to be taking a little longer to heal.
  4. Awww I am really sorry to hear that you got dropped :( But your doctor knows whats best for you and so you gotta have faith its all going to work out!! My lips are the same, they are soooo dry! I have to keep up with them even MORE so now ten ever. And as far as if accutane is working or not let me quote my dermatologist from last week Me: My only symptom is my lips are SUPER dry Dermatologist: Thats good. You know accutane is working its magic when your lips get really dry See!!! So it
  5. Its not exactly -legal- to say that makeup is required but definetely there is a pressure to wear it. You are in front of the public every day and so makeup is almost considered like part of the uniform. I dont mind as I like wearing makeup BUTTT I hate when I have dry scabs because you just cant cover up that stuff ! ;_;
  6. Day 38 Welp Day 38 and I am still dragging through this 2nd month. My forehead was completely clear and smooth as a baby and guess what? Short lived much...I have about 3 non active pimples there. UHG! My Jaw is still a mess as usual. This whole process is so up and down. One day my skin looks great and the next its just as bad as when I started I also am getting cystic pimples which is so irritating because I never got them before I am trying to give my skin a break from makeup
  7. I know I should be good ! Its just sooo hard because the whiteheads gross me out so much T________T Day 33 I have been sick for the past 3 days with what I am guessing is the flu I can barely get out of bed let alone go to work. I feel horrible that I have already missed 2 1/2 days. @@ But Im not going to stop taking the accutane. I can see no effects from the drug while sick other then the annoying dry lips so I will keep pushing through. Once I start feeling better I will post a
  8. Check it out!! I am sure you can get lucky there :) Oh boy, speaking of drinking ... check out my new log I would try the really good loose leaf green tea! It might make a difference :) I take my pills once a day in the morning per my pharmacists instructions :) But everyone is different ^^ My doc say's it doesn't really matter, but I feel like it makes a difference by spacing them, especially with headaches! I also feel like it will stay in my system at a better rate, my doc says
  9. It sounds like you should seek a second opinion. I do know that you have to jump all the hoops they ask before they will give you the accutane butttt you might be able to find someone less reluctant. Good luck!
  10. Exactly. I really try not to pick but lets face it...i still do. I do it -less- but not stopped completely. With time you wont have any pimples to pick! hahaha
  11. Do you have any Japanese market in your area? or do you have a chinatown of any sorts where you can purchase loose leaf tea?
  12. Oh!! They have a cream as well?? Temptiiiing! Cure Aqua Gel is amazing though right?!
  13. Ive heard wonderful things about the oatmeal cleanser! I think I just might try this on the days that I dont wear makeup just to be nicer to my skin and then when I wear makeup I use the clearasil for a little bit more of a boost
  14. It says that I am at 45. :) Yeah!! I totally agree. I am really spoiled with green tea. My husband is Japanese so his mommy sends us really wonderful green tea from japan. Thats what I drink when I am at home. I was at work yesterday and I drank our cheap brand tea bag for green tea and it grossed me out!!! Lol!!!! I agree with you completely about just cutting it out. Alcohol severely dehydrates me and the point right now is to stay hydrated (Agreed? LOL!) I think I am just going to cut i