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  1. You're all forgetting Jonathan, Jesse wasn't the only fatality of the show, both were so sad but Jonathan's got to me the most, showing nothing of depression and only had a few spots on his back, so so sad. Anyway, congratulations Will, amazing progress! I hope people now realise that acne is not just a temporary condition or what not, its a disease to a lifestyle, unless you have acne you have no idea what its like to wake up every morning, go to bed every night, living the whole day constantly
  2. Im yet to put this to the test.. think ima start now! Had one saturday and sunday., woke up this morning with 5 whiteheads! Lets see how long I can last and see what effects it has on my skin.. god knows what I will do if it is the cause hahah
  3. Well basically, the regemin has started working to what I can see, although I put the stuff on in a morning, go to school all day with confidence and come home, look at myself and my skin is just flaky/dry and to think it must have been like that all day makes me upset! Does the dryness ever stop or will I have to start taking mousturizer to school? Im on week 4 day 4 btw
  4. Thank you! I will persevere and hope that this is my last major one! Fingers crossed!, hope it dies down soon! "/ It just one side of my chin, one half is fine and the other half is where the break out is and I can still feel spots coming through along with all the others and redness And I have been wondering, on the side it is bad, because it is bad I have been picking at it and only putting make up on this side, will this be the cause for the prolonging of the breakout and explain why the ot
  5. Hi, I am a 17 year old Male and I got the Regemin about 1 and a half weeks ago, and before I got it my skin was not disgracefully bad, just spots comiing up around my chin/mouth every few days which then scarred for ages! So when I got the regemin, the first 4/5 days worked wonders and my skin was doing soo well! I then had quite a bad breakout and now 5/6 days later, the breakout is still happening, keep getting new spots and around that area it is just soo red, I am so insecure and depresse
  6. Ok thanks, I was going to buy that and start that soon but didnt know if it helped whiteheads and such so didnt get round to it! Will give it a go though soon!
  7. I use Tea Tree Oil every morning and most nights and in the morning I follow that by using Boots SkinClear Deep Cleansing Lotion and then after that and at night I put on Ultraclear EXTREME I used to have BP and should be getting more soon which I use at night instead x
  8. I get about 8+ whiteheads a week on my chin and recently, they have stoppd forming in the center of my chin and now form around the middle of my chin and around the side of my mouth I have had problems with whiteheads for a long time and is starting to drive me nuts as they have started leaving red marks so that along with new ones makes them look really bad! I just want help and product recommendations that can help cure this for me? I used to get them on my forehead but over the l
  9. So I have these red marks from spots on my chin and tbh, my spots arent even that bad anymore compared to what they used to be! On this picture, I have like 1 spot but as you can see, the redness and scars/marks make me look a LOT worse and it ruins me really I used to get literally at least 3 whiteheads a day but now get like 2 spots a week so I stil get them just not half as bad! So I am just here asking what is an effective way to get rid of these marks/scars? :/ Thanks! x
  10. Bishy


  11. So recently my spots have been getting worse so I ordered some Ultraclear EXTREME and was wondering has anyone on here had any experience with that or the normal version?