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  1. Hey people, So I've been on accutane for more than 6 months! Can't believe how fast it's gone by. At least this summer! I talked to my derm a few days ago and I'm supposed to Continue with the meds at least til our next meeting in October. I wanna know when I'll be done so I got a set goal. Getting excited about it!!! I'm still on 30 mg/ day as thats all my body can handle without Getting too serious side effects. Just trying to stay positive and Take one day at a time.
  2. Thanks. Maybe it was just me that wasn't strong enough to make my own decision. Anyhow I could use some support. How are things going for you?
  3. My parents never cared or been supportive When it comes to my skin. 3 years ago after already trying every treatment available several times, I wanted to try accutane and mum just said it was a bad idea and that medicine was risky and made me feel terrible for even thinking about it. Very discouraging. So without even telling them I went on accutane scared to death about what might happen. Of course I experienced some side effects which were blewn up completely in my mind and when I
  4. Yeah I've tried a bunch of different ones, didn't really think they made much of a difference. They helped for like 10 min and then it got bad again. But when we decreased the dose it got much better. Are you staying on 20 mgs or increasing? What month are you on?
  5. Thanks. Yeah its been a bit rough from time to time. not as bad as I thought it would be though! How are things working out for you?
  6. thanks. Thats the only thing that still keeps me going. What doesn't fade I'll try to fix in other ways.
  7. acne is gone yeah. no i barely touch my skin at all. doesn't matter though. it will still leave a scar
  8. So it's almost been 5 months since I started my accutane cours. There's been a few ups and downs, having to decrease My dose from 40mg to 30 because of side-effects. The worst Part has been what it's done to my eyes! They were so dry, svollen Sore and burning that I could barely keep them open. So currently On 30 mg which is ok. Still very dry eyes (but not nearly as bad) dry lips And sore joints. As far as scarring goes its still very obvious and I'm trying not to look at it too much t
  9. Just over 2,5 months in and the acne is pretty much gone. the scarring is getting more noticeable every day. I hate it. Can't bare to look myself in the mirror. this i so not what i had in mind for myself when thinking about the future.
  10. So it's almost a month since I've started the course and i'm still going pretty well-. I'm on 30 mg/day atm but probably increasing to 40 mg this week. Actually (for some strange reason) I haven't felt this happy in quite a while!? I thought it would be the exact opposite and I pictured myself (as well as prepared myself) for getting depressed. it's weird. I haven't cried in ages!! Although I've been pretty good at avoiding mirrors in bad lighting but even that doesn't get me down as much as
  11. Thanks for the long reply! Would you want to do accutane if you were offered it? Or do you consider you're acne less severe? It looks pretty good to me judging by the pictures! And I guess if antibiotics are doing it's job... But I totally get what you mean with triggers.. I know mine gets worse when I'm stressed about something and then that makes me even more stressed which leads to even more acne... It's a vicious circle!
  12. Hehe yes i realized after I've already replied on this one!
  13. That's probably true but hopefully they won't be bad. I've tried it once before and then I had side effects even on 20 mg. How long have you been on it for and what's your dose?
  14. Thanks paul!! How are things going for you?
  15. Which is accutane. I'm on my fifth day, so far 20mg a day but increasing the dose up to 40 mg during the coming weeks. I can't believe I'm experiencing NO SIDE EFFECTS! Feels like they've given me the wrongs meds? And I've been TERRIFIED for this. Just hoping things will stay this way even though the dose is going up... Wish me good luck. Hopefully my life will be a lot easier by the summer.