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    i wouldn't touch accutane with a 10 foot pole! i used a holistic approach, went to a naturopathic doctor and figured out i had a problem with my liver and i also had a lot of soy (which causes excess estrogen) in my diet. i take pills for about a month every 4-5 months to make sure my liver is able to get the toxins out of my body, i think it gets overloaded after awhile. my skin did not hurt after the peel, at all
  2. i've hardly had any flaking with the 50% glycolic peel, maybe a little dry skin look in certain areas like around my nose, that disappears when i apply some moisturizer. it has caused a little breakout tho which i've read is common. will continue doing the peel at least once a week, i did a light peel (left on for one min) last night to try to help the breakout. stuff will literally fall out of your pores. glycolic is good for spot treating newly forming pimples!
  3. i now understand why a lot of people recommend doing a few glycolic peels BEFORE doing a tca. i did my first glycolic almost a week ago and even tho after healing from the tca my skin appeared clear... glycolic brings stuff out of your pores you didn't even know you had. i had a little breakout a few days after doing the glycolic, it was annoying me so much i actually did another light glycolic last night (only left on for about a min). i literally had hard sebum plugs falling out of my pores
  4. try at home chemical peels, i just did a tca... see my gallery pics i posted yesterday
  5. i highly encourage anyone to try it, if you have sensitive skin just remember to start out low. i've read A LOT of reviews online of people making stupid decisions doing these peels ie. "i have tough skin so i left it on for 30 mins and ended up getting 3rd degree burns so the product sucks". well the product doesn't suck as long as you follow the instructions and use discretion and nowhere does it say to leave it on any longer than 15 mins. one of the things i liked most about the peel was i
  6. i did a tca 12.5% from muac almost 2 weeks ago, i did my first 50% glycolic tonight. i did one layer for 5 mins then did a 2nd layer on my problem areas (cheeks) for another 5 mins before rinsing. it seems the only areas that somewhat changed color (possibly frosted) were somewhat "active" pimples. will update in a few days.
  7. depth and texture both seemed to improve. i'm still hearing genuine compliments from people i work with that have really noticed the difference in the redness and said it doesn't look as "raw". i used to have 10-15+ cysts on my face at one time in aug, HUGE improvement from where i was then to now
  8. mooninja


    From the album: Scars

    Day 11, done peeling. * really red marks (new marks) are from belmishes I got while applying sunscreen to my skin after I did the peel.
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    Chemical peels for scars.
  10. mooninja


    From the album: Scars

    Day 11, done peeling. * really red marks (new marks) are from belmishes I got while applying sunscreen to my skin after I did the peel.
  11. mooninja


    From the album: Scars

    Day 3 before skin started peeling
  12. mooninja


    From the album: Scars

    Day 3 before skin started peeling
  13. mooninja


    From the album: Scars

    After applying a few layers & started "frosting"
  14. mooninja


    From the album: Scars

    After applying a few layers & started "frosting"
  15. mooninja


    From the album: Scars

    Before pic
  16. mooninja


    From the album: Scars

    Before pic *This was my first at home TCA peel from MUAC, 12.5%. Did 3 layers on entire face except nose & upper lip, 6 layers on cheeks.
  17. Were you able to go to work after 2-3 days? Do you think I could do this peel on my own, without any previous experience? Does it contain a tutorial or something? I did my peel on a thurs night, went to work friday (no one could tell i had a peel done but I wasn't wearing makeup which was noticeable). on monday my face was starting to peel around my mouth and i pretty much peeled all week. i didn't miss any work, i did wear a hat for 2 days tho. the majority of people i work with know i've b
  18. i'll post pics on monday. skin from peel has 98% flaked off but my skin is a little dry so i've been using moisturizer and jojoba oil. i can tell a difference and even people i work with have been coming up to me commenting on how they can tell too. i had a couple small pimples pop up on the side of my face and on my chin, i did spot treatment with glycolic and that pretty much killed them. i think i'll be doing another peel mon or tues, still haven't decided between the glycolic or tca.
  19. 4 days after peel and i'm only partially peeled, skin is a little red in some areas. where i did 5 layers on my cheeks has not started peeling yet, neither has my forehead... thank god i have cute hats i can wear to work! i'll post pics once it's completely peeled, hopefully by the end of this week. i ordered the glycolic peel today, they say it's best if you do glycolic peels in between tca peels so you get the most out of the tca. i'm going home for xmas in about 2 weeks and i could pla
  20. ohhhh! when you go to an allergist for allergy testing and they use a serum they will "prick" you (which results in a small cut), they then put the serum on then wait to see if there's a reaction. i've heard people have had it done on their backs, when i had mine years ago they did it on my arms. i had 2 rows of cuts on my arm in which each cut had a different serum placed on it. a blood allergy test is supposed to be more accurate than the serum testing.
  21. I'm not a guy but I would say no, I wouldn't use lanolin or cetaphil. I'm a huge nature/natural remedy lover, aloe vera is great stuff. You can also try this stuff call Miracle II (roman numeral 2). Their line is awesome, regular soap, moisturizing soap, lotion & neutralizer gel (that in my opinion is BETTER than aloe vera, which is a bold statement from me). In addition to being great it's cheap and lasts for months. It's replaced almost ever cleaner/soap I have except for shampo
  22. I started taking 1-2 tbsps of coconut oil everyday about 2 months ago, not to necessarily help with acne but because of the health benefits in general. I had cystic acne on my cheeks for years and just finally got rid of it, I bet the coconut oil helped! In my research online I came across people who cured their acne with coconut oil IF their acne was cause by candida. I have never put coconut oil on my face so I don't know how it'd work for scars, it's actually one of the most comedogenic
  23. I don't have too much advice to give yet since I just did my first tca peel tongiht, but I'm excited to see what the results are. Even if it's minimal I'll be happy. I've been suffering with cystic acne for the past 5+ years, I think i just kicked it in the butt and finally got rid of it but I'm left with all these scars & red marks. I took a bunch of pics tonight for my before pics. The peel... I used a 12.5% from MUAC. I did A LOT of research online prior to make sure I could get t