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  1. bobt

    my skin

    about to start regimen
  2. bobt

    Aloe Vera Gel

    oh fuck u all then ill get thru thjis myself
  3. bobt

    Aloe Vera Gel

    wud i be able 2 buy it at sainsburys in the uk ne1 know pls?
  4. bobt

    Red Eyes

    least u can get stoned n have an exscuse for y ur eyes r like tht ;o
  5. bobt

    Aloe Vera Gel

    y dus it say its an after sun ;o
  6. bobt

    Aloe Vera Gel

    lol ye presox i get tht all the time >.<
  7. bobt

    Aloe Vera Gel

    would sainsburys sell it?
  8. bobt

    Acne Scar

    looks kinda like mine except ur face looks kinda bumpy like it has holes in it whereas mine is completely smooth, i havent rly been doin much about it but it troubles me so much even tho its mild, i was thinkin of goin to c the doc but cba to walk there -_- ne advice u give wud help me 2 ive tried to just wait and let time heal but it dusnt seem to be doin much and im very impatient
  9. bobt

    need sum advice

    hmmm lol *stops using regimen*
  10. bobt

    need sum advice

    will dans regimen get rid of red marks?
  11. bobt

    need sum advice

    hi, wel i havent had acne for nearly a year now i think and i don't think i'll ever break out again the only problem i have is these red marks, i had still been taking anti-biotics and BP gel even after my acne had gone but yesterday i decided not to take them anymore ( i had stopped taking them for 2 months previously and still didnt break out then went back on them ) so its been 2 days since i took them/used the bp gel and i haven't broken out i just still have these red marks and they dnt see
  12. bobt

    Do red marks turn to scars?

    my red marks wont go either ive had them way over a year
  13. bobt

    What if...

    ...i was to burn my cheeks so the skin died and new skin produced my red marks wud go wudnt they? i don't mean severe burn because sum girl in my skl burnt at the top of her chest there was a nasty burn mark there for a while but a few months later she came in on non-uniform day with a revealing top and her skin there looked perfect, no scars from burning at all... im not thinkin of doin this but im just wondering if it wud work lol...
  14. scalp!! unless i go bald :-S
  15. without my acne i wud be perfect, hmmm can't wait for it to go