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  1. Its probably just because you got that emotionally upset. Stress is known to worsen acne.
  2. Interesting observation! I always wear concealer to cover my PIH. I stopped breaking out about 2 months ago (by the grace of Almighty God and birth control!) but I have pale skin and very noticeable red marks from about 5 months of being very broken out. Concealer covers them up completely, but I hate having to wear it. This week is spring break, I'm just hanging with my best friends and spending a lot of time outside having fun, so I decided to say screw it to my makeup and I've been
  3. marissa8161

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    All I want is to be clear!
  4. Don't go off it if it is AT ALL avoidable. As far as I can tell, we're on these things for life. It won't be immediate, but it will have an effect. A month without the stuff destroyed my skin and I'm still working on getting it back to perfect.
  5. Why won't my skin cooperate with my life? Why must I pick between having fun and having clear skin? Its a catch 22. Spent two weeks being boring--going to bed early, rigid face schedule, eating healthy... got almost 100% clear again. Spent a week having fun being a normal college kid--not sleeping much, eating crap, going out and having spontaneous random fun... and I have 5 new spots. WHY?! Goddamn it. Still refusing to wear makeup. Win for me.
  6. My friends! I would NOT be alive without them. They always can tell when I'm feeling down about my face, and know exactly what to do to cheer me up and throw me into a completely ridiculous giggle fit, haha. And then I forget about my face for a little while because I know they love me no matter what my skin looks like. <3 Laughing is the best medicine ever!
  7. No. No. No. This. Is. Not. Happening. Again. Breakout... 100% clear for 4 months (and 90% clear for 5 months before that) and now I have a breakout. 9 zits and wretched skin quality.... why, why, why, why? *cry*
  8. Ok... jeez, I'm so upset right now. You guys have no idea. My story in short: the summer before last I had a MAJOR breakout. Went from perfect skin to more than 100 zits in the course of a week. It was horrendous. Started on Differin in September, had a rough road with a 3 month long initial breakout, but was pretty much clear by Christmas. By last May my skin was perfect. I didn't have to wear makeup all this summer. It was amazing. Came to college two months ago, and my routine got
  9. Just for some contrast against the super healthy eats going on in here... I used to have an awesome veggie-ful diet. Its kinda gone to crap since college started... praising God and Differin every day for my clear skin, and I'm still avoiding my number trigger--dairy!! Breakfast: Venti soy latte, with 2 pumps of pumpkin spice (Starbucks <3333 ) Lunch: 2 oatmeal pancakes with blueberries and bananas, scrambled egg whites (and real syrup, obviously) Snack: 2 Oreos Dinner: Bi
  10. As a Christian, this post makes me mildly angry. Do you realize you just said you are basically going to USE God? If you are only joining the church, getting bapitized, or starting to pray in order to cure your acne, no--it will help NOTHING. I honestly cannot believe what I just read in your post. Did you honestly WRITE that? Blatantly trying to USE our great and merciful God just for your own selfish desires? If you join the church, get bapitized, or start praying because you have
  11. At some point you've got to find a balance. You can't live on fruit and veggies alone. I don't eat meat for humanitarian reasons, and I require a large amount of fats every day to regulate my hormone levels (mostly coming from peanut butter, I'll admit.) I don't eat dairy because in my opinion there is a CLEAR connection between dairy and acne, but I eat a ton of eggs. Not everybody is going to be sensitive to everything, and I think the all fruit diet is ridiculous. As a matter of fact, wh
  12. Wow thanks! Just what I was looking for! I just woke up this morning and I have painful underskin pimples (cysts, nodules?! I don't know) its really freaking me out! what was your acne like before Differin? Mild? Servers? Etc. I'm just worried that the IB may do more damage to my skin than the initial acne would have :/ Thanks for your story it has helped to give me the hope I think I need to stay on differin Yep, those deep-down suckers are going to start showing up! They are going to
  13. Its definitely gotten a lot better and I think you look nice. Thank you for your service. <3
  14. Do you work out in the morning after applying your Retin-A at night? This is what I do with my Differin: wash your face with cool water in the morning until you can feel the "residue" rinse off completely. This gets off any residual medication and makes it much more comfortable to work out, in my opinion. Also, make sure you don't have a breeze blowing on your face while exercising, as this will aggravate the redness/irritation problem.
  15. Differin... its a love hate relationship. Mostly love now, though. :] I've been using Differin for almost 11 months now and I basically owe this little tube of magic my life. But its a long road! My initial breakout started about 2-3 weeks in, just like yours, and it lasted... about 2 months? That's about right. Its going to get WORSE. Just so you know. I had zits everywhere--and not just pustules and papules. I had horrendous cysts on my cheeks and along my jaw. Hurt like heck. And