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    My fiance Nathan:)
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  1. Shezbot


    First breakout ever. AWEFUL :( Mostly just red marks now. broke out LIGHTLY in july when my expensive cat went missing. Started using natural remedys, then went to doc and got Epiduo, made everything worse! Burnt my face Badly! gave up after 2 weeks and started using Proactive- BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. used it for 3 weeks. cant believe i thought my face was bad in the first place. so depressing:( started Doxycycline and Clindamycin 2.5 weeks ago. bout 3 small active basturds left but ALOT
  2. your lucky its only that bad! Mine is so horrible i dont even want to leave the house! Try azelaic acid and glycolic acid
  3. Hello:) Iv been on Doxy for about 5 weeks and have cleared up pretty well. I was prescribed clindamycin and doxy for a month and it did work well. now using glycolic acid 10% gel in morning and 20% azelaic acid at night for marks and maintenance. Just wondering if any of you 'weaned' off the antibiotic slowly or just went cold turkey on it and after how long?? (not experienced in this field... this is my first ever break out iv had to treat with prescriptions!! not happy ) Thanks!
  4. i too am on the doxy/clindamycin regimen. been on it for 3 weeks. Iv only had acne (well not really acne but had a BAD breakout due to emotional stress) for about 3 months but it has left ALOT of red marks and a couple scars. i only have 2 small active zits at the moment which is quite impressive due to the fact that i used many other products for the same amount of time and all of them only made it much worse (BP products). Im hoping when i get off the Doxy it doesnt come back 10X worse. i
  5. Shezbot


    PERFECT SKIN... Up to my first ever breakout :(
  6. Shezbot

    EVERYTHING! Nothing heres my sucess story- i have never had bad acne. I had been using proacitv on and off for a couple years. Proactiv does work for me (only had 1-2 small zits at a time while on it) but i wanted to get off it and use something natural. i decided to use Epsom salts. I dissolved half a teaspoon in a small cup of warm water, got a make-up remover pad and wiped my face morning and night with the solution. With regular exercise and a healthy diet and LOTS of water, i had NO zi