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  1. So I use to be a frequent visitor, until I fully cleared my face of acne. I did two months of 80mg accutane daily for only two months, and thought that was enough because my face was fully clear. And I was fed up with having chapped lips and dry skin. I never got joint pain, dry eyes, no hair loss, no depression, none of the extremely bad side effects. Actually my face was barely even that dry, probably because of the extreme humidity here in good ole Florida. So I took my last pill somewh
  2. I don't think you get my point here...... Yes, probiotics are great for rebuilding the GOOD bacteria in your GI tract. Yet the overuse of antibiotics, the BAD bacteria has now built a resistance. Probiotics are great for digestion after antibiotics........that's great......But now you are battling numerous infections that have medicine that can stop it. If you really would like me to get technical, the more complex the organism, such as a human the longer natural selection takes to work. Bacte
  3. http://news.yahoo.co...-204438989.html Here's something to chew on if you're considering antibiotics. Accutane>*
  4. Good luck to you and your treatment, and always remember, "You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind. Cause your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance then they're no friends of mine"
  5. Wrong. A steak is probably about 100g MAX....if that, depends on the cut. And also to the OP, your body can only absorb about 50-60g of protein in one sitting. The rest will be stored as body fat, which is what you want if you are trying to build lean muscle and gain weight, which I hope is what you are trying to do since you are taking weight gainer. I wouldn't suggest weight gainer, instead try protein powder which has all the carbs and necessary ingredients to gain weight, with the added bon
  6. Ahh, the old boards of Acne.org, which currently I have not been a contributing member of in the past month or so. Why you ask? Probably because my face is flawless, except for a couple pesky scars, but in combination with a 5'o'clock shadow it gives me a semi-rugid look that quite possibly might attract some lady-friends. But that is another story in itself and isn't age appropriate for this website. Sorry youngsters, another time. Well, back to what I came back on these boards to discuss is
  7. I've noticed that my chest muscles, if I stretch the right way they are very painful on accutane. Also when I go jogging, I get a very tight chest. I ignore it and go on, if its bothering you enough, or if you notice its hard to breathe just stop or maybe go to the emergency room.
  8. So in between month changes, I didn't have a chance to pick up my prescription and I didn't take my 80mg for three days? I've been on it for month, is it like I'm restarting? In the three days I've developed two new pimples, not sure if its from not taking it for three days or I've been a little dirty in 2012 lol. Also, do you clean off cetaphil moisturizer before bed because it can clog your pores if you leave it on? thanks PLEASE ANSWER FAST. i pick up my new month tomorrow m
  9. So heres a little background information for you folks: currently I'm about 2 days away from finishing my first months course of 80mg daily accutane. Although, during this course I attempted to switch insurances but I guess some of my paper work went missing (US healthcare for you) and I was not informed of this before I cancelled my current insurance. So right now I have no healthcare (please don't hurt me). I'm not goign to pay the outrageous price for the check-up and medicine so I'm thin
  10. Nope. Just keep it out of direct sunlight. I did the same thing
  11. Sorry to barge in on your thread OP, but I have a question as well regarding the post above me. I have my next appointment Friday, and I got my blood drawn today. You said there are questions on the iPledge website I have to fill out BEFORE my next appointment, or does he ask me them in person? thanks
  12. no kidding? OP takes the time to write up paragraphs about how god hates him and he hates his life because of acne (moderate acne for less than two years... lol) but he couldnt even take the time to read a little bit about the extremely powerful drug that hes putting into his body, and how long it takes to work. brb taking low dose accutane for less than two weeks and expecting acne to be permanently cured For some, accutane starts to take affect the very first day. For some, it takes until day