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  1. Doxycycline is known to cause stomach and liver issues if taken in too large quantities at once, so be careful. It also probably doesn't help with your body building up an immunity to it, either.
  2. In response to your newest update, I suspect it may be because they are ice picks. Ice picks are hard to treat with ANY treatment, particularly because they're hard to get at. That's why isolated ice picks are often singled out for excision or similar treatments, because it's just easier to remove it altogether than improve it. In the case of Dr. Rahimi's sculpting technique, it probably won't work as well on ice picks simply because there's no much to sculpt around the picks. With my scars,
  3. Subcision does work. However, those pictures, while not Photoshopped, are misleading. The before pictures have been taken with a hard side light. The after pictures have been taken with a soft light from the camera. It's even a different color temperature. These are not accurate comparison photos. I don't doubt there will be improvement. There just won't be as much improvement as these people are touting.
  4. Permanent hyperpigmentation is a pretty rare occurrence with ablative fractional lasers, but still a possibility. It was all but guaranteed in the old fully ablative CO2 days with anyone other than white people. Hydrocortisone affects your dermis about a fraction as much as topical tretinoin does, and topical tretinoin barely affects acne scars at all. And you don't need to use hydrocortisone for a long time. Just 1-2 times a day for two weeks or so after you've finished peeling, and whene
  5. The hydroquinone/kojic acid is not for PIH. It's to prevent possible PERMANENT hyperpigmentation. Really, the best way to cover it up is cream-based hydrocortisone. It goes on like lotion, but it immediately calms the redness down in a matter of minutes. It also helps to use a sunblock that has anti-inflammatory properties as well. That being said, though, your scarring is very, very minor. You have something akin to something dermatologist refer to as "orange peel" texture, and, in fact, d
  6. I haven't asked him about excision, so I don't know. I did not have ablative laser resurfacing prior to Mixto (I had Lux 1540 instead, which is an erbium non-ablative fractional laser). I am sure that peeling will be a factor that varies greatly from person to person, though. For instance, I am a fast healer, so I tend to recover from most surgeries or medical procedures very quickly.
  7. I'll post pictures before I head back to school, sure. But immediate post-op pictures, I felt, were unnecessary. It looks exactly the same as before except not all around my whole face because he only treated the scarred areas this time. Oh, and an interesting tidbit: I used to get mad PIH after these procedures, and even hydrocortisone for a few days after peeling didn't help. So I told Rahimi this and he said "did you use cream or ointment?" Turns out, ointment hydrocortisone is wayyyyyy
  8. He CAN do it without sedation, and he often does for certain patients. However, it'll probably be VERY painful, since he's not going to compromise the efficacy of the procedure. For instance, I have extremely good metabolism, so he gives me one and half of those...pills, I forget what they're called, plus a shot, plus numbing cream, plus numbing injections in the face, and I STILL feel a good amount of pain. I can't imagine what it would've been like without all those.
  9. I'm honestly really happy to see it's working out. I was honestly originally very uncomfortable about posting my pictures online, since I tend to be a pretty private person about personal matters, but I decided to do it because I had never really seen any other definitive postings about the laser resurfacing process. So, to see that it's actually had enough of an impact to make others braver and more informed about their own scar treatments has made it all worth it.
  10. Just to let you guys know, I underwent another round of Mixto/subcision two days ago on the 18th. It looks pretty much the same as before, so I won't bother wasting server space with pictures. Just letting you guys know.
  11. Retin-A has no effect on any scars that are worth really calling "scars." They may have the slightest effect on scars that are so shallow that you can't even feel them or see shadows or them in harsh light, but they otherwise won't do very much. The reason is that Retin-A simply promotes faster cell turnover. There is no way for your body to specifically target scars with a natural response and make them go away, otherwise the scars wouldn't be there in the first place. Retin-A doesn't identify
  12. Lumps that feel weird are normal for subcision. It is HIGHLY unlikely you'll end up with abnormally raised areas.