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  1. http://www.vitacost.com Has anyone shopped from here? The prices are ridiculously low! Could it possibly be dodgy? :S Also I was thinking of purchasing some Vitamin A here and there seems to be so many different types.. could someone tell me what the difference is and which one I should pick? http://www.vitacost.com/Natures-Way-Vitamin-A http://www.vitacost.com/Country-Life-Natural-Vitamin-A http://www.vitacost.com/Twinlab-Allergy-A-and-D http://www.vitacost.com/Country-Life-Natura
  2. Im just confused whether I should still exfoliate twice a week whilst using a salicylic acid cleanser and moisturiser everyday and night. I'm using the Dr Lewinn's Acne Medic products. Thank you EDIT: Most of my acne are inflamed (red bumps with usually a white head thathurts :[ )
  3. I'm pre sure i have hormonal acne (I'm male btw) or I'm weak against some sort of food which i havent quite figured. Will these two combination help with my acne? My source of GLA is coming from Borage Oil. Thank you EDIT: Apparently you to balance these 2?
  4. Does anyone else have any other suggestions on what is causing my acne? Or ways to treat hormonal acne? I can't visit the derm right away (got exams until end of October...$
  5. Hmm I see... I didn't think it was this serious. I'll make an appointment with a derm right away. Thank you )
  6. Thank you for replying, I have no food allergies (as far as I know). I'll take into account the hormonal imbalance thank you. Anyone else? :S
  7. I was just wondering if people here can just maybe narrow my path to healing acne.. Some info about me: Im currently 18 years of age (MALE) come from an asian background. I only started getting severe acne around 4-5 months ago. Most of my acne are Pustules and Papules. Throughout my whole life I had very little acne that never worried me nor did it effect my self esteem as much as it does now. But 4-5 months ago, it started with a little break out on my cheeks and before you know it acne
  8. I've recently started taking vitamins to fix up my acne and was just wonderig if its bad to take a different variety of vitamins on a daily basis. Heres what I'm currently taking: Morning: - x2 Borage Oil (AKA Starflower seed Oil) with x1 1200mg Lecithin. - x1 25mg Zinc - x1 400 mcg Chromium Picolate - x1 500mg Vitamin B3 - x1 1000mg Vitamin C Night: - x2 Borage Oil with x1 1200mg Lecithin - x2 25mg Zinc = 50mg of Zinc. - x1 400mcg Chromium Picolate - x1 1000IU Vitamin E - x1 Vit
  9. I've read alot of female tesitmonies.. just wondering if any males also had success with this.
  10. Also I read you have to take lecithin as well... What is lecithin and where can I find them? Is it a vitamin?
  11. I've never had much acne in my life... but recently I just randomly started breaking out (I'm 18 years old). And its become really bad especially around the jawline, cheeks and the area where my eyes are (the forehead part... if u get what i mean). I'm not sure if its hormonal acne but I've read EPO/Borage Oil is good for hormonal acne. So i was just wondering can males also take these oils?
  12. Vitamin C - I have a 1000mg per tablet. Vitamin B3 - I hav 500mb per tablet Vitamin E - 1000iu per tablet Also do I take them in the day or in the night :S. Thank you! Also am I suppose to use Vitamin E orally or topically?