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  1. Hello, my Name is Ann and i just recently received my acne.org regimen. You seemed to be an expert regarding giving advices on how to go about the regimen. So please kindly help me with my question before starting the regimen. During the first week it says to put the bp once a day right? Im planning to put it once in the evening for the first week. My question is during the day or for the morning routine, will i be using the cleanser and the moisturizer only? And if so, in the morning will i still be using the two full pumps of moisturizer even without the bp? Please help me out here im so excited to start on the regimen. Thanks in advance 

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    7. I second DeLovely's post above.
    8. AyeAye


      How frustrating to suddenly have a bad reaction to BP after 5 months. I followed the regimen for a couple of years but then switched successfully to epiduo. Although it contains BP, you use only a pea size amount once a day. I was clear following the regimen, but started to break out when I switched to epiduo, but this settled down again after 2-3 months and I'm now clear again (for over a year). You might have success with epiduo because of the reduced quantity that you apply. You wi
    9. I agree with the above. You apply the regimen in the morning, and leave it on for approx 12 hours, before washing and then reapplying it in the evening and leaving it on for 12 hours before washing in the morning (then repeat). In the early weeks you wouldn't be applying it twice a day (as per the instructions), however the treatment has to remain on your skin for 10-12 hours. Unfortunately this is how it works, and only having it on your face for a few hours will not allow your acne to cl
    10. Hi Jessica, sorry for the late reply. Please contact customer service at support@danielkern.com or from our Contact Us page for help with any order related or shipping inquiries. For your own security, we do not have access to your order history or account information here on the message boards.
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      Acne.org Order Confirmation

      Hi Erica, I have just noticed your post and I hope its been resolved by now, but just in case it hasn't, please contact customer service at support@acne.org or from our Contact Us page for help with any order related or shipping inquiries. For your own security, we do not have access to your order history or account information here on the message boards.
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      Just A Suggestion

      It's something that this site used to have, but it was removed well before I joined. I'll bring it up during our next meeting - thanks for the suggestion.
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    14. AyeAye

      Is This Normal For The Regimen

      This seems to be normal, but not usually after only a couple of days. I started dramatically clearing in the first 2 weeks, only to have the most horrendous breakout at the end of the 2nd week. 2 days means you're special