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  1. so happy for you =) i start on monday!
  2. i too am taking the plunge after 15 yrs of this crap! i start on monday. good luck to you. hopefully it does the trick for us.
  3. huh that's strange. neutrogena is the only makeup i've found that doesn't make me orange and it actually sticks to my pimples nicely rather than making them cakey. but everybody's different =P
  4. anytime =) it helps me too knowing i'm not the only one that thinks this way! OCD is a lot more common than you think. i was just talking to a patient today about it and her daughter just so happens to have it too.
  5. right!! i've been diagnosed i don't need some guy from the netherlands telling me how it is. feel free to PM me anytime =)
  6. i totally agree with this. the majority of the people on here are very nice and helpful. but then there are some who are know it alls and love to argue.
  7. i don't have time to sit here and argue. look up BDD and it will say right there that it;s a form of BDD. and yes it is OCD when you're constantly thinking about your skin to the point it takes over your life. don't tell me that's normal. there are plenty of people with acne that don't give a shit. and there are others who let it control their thoughts.
  8. i can talk about this because i am diagnosed. and what i was saying was, BDD and OCD go hand in hand. so yes, when you'e obsessing about your face, by which you are spending every minute of the day worrying "if i eat this will i break out?" "is she looking at my zits" "am i going to break out tonight" "i wonder if my pimples are coming to a head" - just constant negative thoughts about your skin and always worrying about breaking out, that is obsessive and it's BDD. spending hours in the ba
  9. ugh why'd you tell me that! lol well. if it works then it's worth it. 9 more days and i'll find out how much i'll be paying!
  10. Hugs mate, I can really relate.....def sounds like a form of OCD. Have you gone to someone to talk about it? I did, paid alot and didnt achieve anything.... I talk on here and to a couple of close mates about how I feel and that helps. body dysmorphic disorder. you focus on something you perceive is wrong with yourself and obsess over it and will go to extreme measures to correct it. or in our cases, "acne dysmorphia" the smallest breakout seems like the end of the world to us. we will spend ho
  11. body dysmorphic disorder. you focus on something you perceive is wrong with yourself and obsess over it and will go to extreme measures to correct it. or in our cases, "acne dysmorphia" the smallest breakout seems like the end of the world to us. we will spend hours in the bathroom constantly checking for new pimples, using any reflective surface as a mirror to check our face. we will hide in our room if we get a pimple. it's all we think about. we feel like it's all people see when they look at
  12. from my personal experience, i want support and a solution. of course i would trade clear skin over the support, but it definitely helps knowing that my boyfriend supports me. as well as my family. when i moved in with my boyfriend 2 yrs ago, my skin was really good. maybe 3 pimples at a time. but even then i'd lock myself in the bathroom to clean my face so he wouldn't see me. i'd even put a little makeup on the pimples after just washing my face for bed. over the 2 yrs we lived together, m
  13. i am also an adult acne sufferer with OCD and BDD. fun stuff! i've had OCD for my whole life. but only was officially diagnosed this summer. no med i was put on helped it because side effects were not worth it. while i have suffered from BDD for as long as i've had acne, i never knew i had it. i think as long as i have acne, i will always be obsessed with my skin. i saw a therapist for a while and got absolutely nothing out of it. i plan to find a new therapist to help me look at my skin differe
  14. yep that's why i had to stop. it was ruined.
  15. i've always wondered this too. but AHA is too strong for my face. my back loves it tho!
  16. just be careful exfoliating.... dan does not recommend this. and while i was on the regimen, my skin hated exfoliation. the only thing i could really do was gently rub my face in circles after a shower to get the dead skin off. later on in the regimen i started using baking soda. but that was eventually too irritating.. yogurt masks helped add some moisture back as well.
  17. some people have success using AHA in place of their moisturizer only at night time. then you won't have to worry about sunburn. for me, i can't put AHA on my face as it's too strong and burns my face off. i unfortunately had to quit the regimen because of all the cons. i was on it for 8 months and never got rid of the flakes.
  18. it's hard to see because you have a different shot in each pic. try taking a pic of each side again to compare to the other ones.
  19. thanks for the help =) i plan on asking my derm what i can do about my lab fees and telling him i need the cheapest brand possible. i don't mind spending 100-200 but 400 is nuts! as long as this medicine works, it'll all be worth it in the end. i'd give my savings for clear skin
  20. i know i feel like i could already be a month into this if i didn't have to wait so long. i've been on birth control since i was 15... i'm pretty sure i can handle it! you're lucky you only have a few pimples at a time. i know how that feels to go from having so little to a handful. i used to obsess if i got one or 2. like literally scream and cry like a little cry baby. and now, i'd give anything to have my skin look like it used to. i was just looking at old pics and my skin was so perfect. i
  21. why does my acne itch? it always has... just never really thought about asking why.