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  1. thank you =) my face isn't getting dry yet *knocks on wood*. sometimes certain areas of my chin get a little flaky, but it's just old pimples that have scabbed up and they just peel off. i can feel my lips starting to dry though. i am applying carmex constantly. i really love this stuff. after sitting in my massage chair for a half hour on monday, my back feels a lot better. but now today i have a really bad cold and can barely move i'm so weak! what kind of moisturizer are you using? i
  2. could be stress from school? or maybe your sleep schedule is different now.
  3. ugh i hope so! i do wear makeup... neutrogena skin clearing makeup (i don't smear it all over my face though, i just dot it on the red areas) then i use a little covergirl true match powder i think? again i don't smear it all over my face, just kinda pat to matte the oily areas. yes, i do break out every day. i used to only break out every few days, but after quitting BP at the beginning of summer... this is what my face has become =X i usually wake up with a few whiteheads and then before b
  4. hmm i was gonna post a pic here but i can't figure it out! soo check the blog section for my pic update =)
  5. ok here is my 1 week picture update! last time i took a frontal pic and it didn't really show what was going on. so i took 2 side shots today. side effects: very tired. body is really sore. headaches. luckily i have a massage chair. that helps a lot with the back pain =) i find with the headaches, i'm dehydrated. so the more water i drink, the less headaches i get. i realized that taking accutane in the morning with coffee only is a bad idea. so now i get up and chug water. i drank a
  6. woww. beautiful results! i'm amazed at how clear it looks. did you use anything for the red marks?
  7. heyy so today is my 5th day. it's movin fast! =) i took my first pill tues night (sept 11th). now normally every morning i wake up with at least 6-10 whiteheads. i went to bed with 2 swollen pimples (from picking not-quite-ready pimples) and when i woke up the next morning, i had 3 whiteheads, and those swollen pimples had shrunk dramatically. so i was very pleased =) but then... as the day progressed, i had whiteheads everywhere. it seemed like every pimple on my face decided to come to a
  8. i was very nauseous this morning (it's my 5th day) i also felt so hungover but had no alcohol. i definitely think it's from dehydration. which is weird because all i drink is water. so there's proof that accutane sucks every bit of moisture out of us! my boyfriend bought me a big bottle of pedialyte to rehydrate me. it tastes too sweet but hopefully it'll do the trick! if your pee is very yellow, you're dehydrated. =)
  9. yea i would like to know who came up with these prices. thank god i have a good job and have saved every penny i made since i was 15 so i can afford this. but it still makes me want to throw up because i didn't plan on spending my money this way. i don't know how people can afford this. i have insurance and yet i'm paying out of pocket. it makes no sense. you are so well spoken and mature for a 16 yr old! =) and yes, every day i do wake up and go to the mirror like always and look and see
  10. i know it's disgusting isn't it? i actually tried to switch insurances the minute i found out i was going on accutane. but since i have "pre exisiting conditions" nobody wants to take me in! lol bastards. i will check sam's club. that's a good idea. i also found a coupon today for accutane.... not sure if it'll work but i will try it for next month. i can't believe some people only pay $25 who the hell comes up with these prices!?
  11. ughh i'm so jealous! i have a coupon i'm going to print out and take with me to walmart next month. hopefully this one works. but i'm expecting the worst =( hey =) i took my first pill last night. i popped probably 6-10 whiteheads before bed and 2 of them were really swollen like i didn't get all the puss out. and when i woke up they shrunk drastically! not sure if the accutane did that or not. but that never happens lol. i also normally wake up with 10 whiteheads but today i woke up with 2. b
  12. i just called walmart to see what the cost would be there.... $519. damnit! i should have never switched to target! they also carry claravis. does anybody know if it matters if i get a different brand next month?
  13. ohh ok =P Thanks! I will check it out now. I still don't understand the packaging. I had to open it with scissors today! lol
  14. thank you! i need to find a spot with better lighting for pics bc i don't think this one is good at showing it.
  15. So the day has finally come! I was prescribed Clavaris, but my pharmacy didn't have that. So I'll be using Amnesteem instead. 20 mg twice a day. I'll be posting pictures with my log so everybody can see what I'm talking about. Here's what I look like now...
  16. welllll it turns out my insurance doesn't wanna kick in until i reach my deductible. so i paid $613.99 today. =( =( =( next month i will meet my deductible, but my insurance policy renews december 1st, which will restart my deductible, therefore i will be paying out of pocket for 4 out of the 5 months. damnit! this better work. if i am clear when this is over, it'll all be worth it. i am afraid tho that once they increase my dose, i will be paying even more. i don't even want to know what it'l
  17. i'm right there with you guys. i take wellbutrin for the depression. my psych had me on celexa for depression, anxiety, & OCD... but i had side effects. so i said just treat my depression and i'll deal with the OCD. i'm supposed to see a therapist, but with the costs of accutane and lab work coming, i figure i'll put it off for a little while. i think i'm doing good though. i don't obsess over my skin as much as i used to. i would freak the hell out over 1 or 2. cry my eyes out. hide ins
  18. WTF is right?!!!!! I shoulda read this before I posted. Oh my gosh, that sucks so much. I'm sorry you have to wait. Don't worry, when it's all said and done a couple days won't matter. I'm prayin' for a miracle for you (but I'm an atheist so I'm not sure it will do any good. haha) aww thank you so much Celia! =) you are so sweet. I love the cheerleader lol! Well hopefully tomorrow my insurance company will have gotten the prior auth. and let me pick it up! I went to the pharmacy today and just
  19. thank you! yeaa it was a big bummer. i was pretty depressed all day. but crossing my fingers that tomorrow i get the phone call that i can pick it up and it's affordable!
  20. ughh i am so pissed off. i need a prior authorization before i can fill my prescription. which might take 24 hrs to a few days. so unless a miracle happens, i have to wait longer! wtf =(
  21. hey thanks for the reply. i quit bp at the beginning of the summer and my face is completely f'd up now. i start accutane tomorrow. i think i developed an allergy to bp because no matter what brand i used, i'd have very red burning peeling skin. so i honestly don't even want to bother with bp anymore.