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  1. thank you =) i hope so!
  2. OMG I lost so many button shirts because the collars would reach my chin and absorb the oil+BP from my face! I had to stop washing the shirts or throw it away! ohhh yep! me too. my shirts and my boyfriend's! sometimes i'd lay my head on his chest or something while we watched tv and then the next time i washed the shirt it'd have a huge cheek mark. i remember when i had bangs even my hair was lighter from touching my skin.
  3. don't do it! i quit the regimen after 8 months. my skin was nearly perfect. about 2 pimples and some clogged pores. after i quit, 2 months later my face exploded the worst it has ever been in my entire life. it threw my mental health right down the tubes. 3 months of depression. now i'm on accutane and an antidepressant. i have to say quitting was also good because now i don't have to resort to BP ever again. i used BP for probably 15 years. but your skin gets addicted to it. it is very n
  4. hey, yes this is normal. have you read the "what to expect" page on the regimen? it's pretty accurate. you're going to continue breaking out for a while. i broke out like crazy for probably 3 months, and still broke out after that. but everybody's different and it usually lessens after a certain amount of time. i always popped my zits on the regimen. as long as the pimple is ready and you do it correctly, it's fine. i always clean the area with some astringent on a q tip first. then i steri
  5. aw thank you! you're the first to say that haha. my shoulders and neck have been very sore this past week. but the weather has been crazy and i do think that's playing a part. my lips are dry, but seem to be less dry than last week. today i was chewing them and i pulled a piece of skin off and it was bleeding. so i gotta break that habit! other than that, i feel fine! how are you doing?
  6. yea! i've gotten 3 on my neck this month, i had a huge one on my hip?? and i have one on my butt lol.
  7. sorry i didn't post these yesterday with my blog. from now on i will blog and post pics on wednesdays together =P
  8. whatthekell

    Week 4

    nbkyrww- i do apply the lip balm constantly =P prolly every 5 mins! haha dino23- sounds good to me =) i would love to compare too! thank you, good luck to you too! xjeff94x- haha well last week i did my blog on a tues before work so i didn't have time to do the pics too so i ended up doing them wednesday. so this week i decided to just blog & do pics on wednesdays since i don't work until later in the afternoon those days. but i felt like my skin looked like poop today so i didn't want
  9. whatthekell

    Week 4

    so today is the start of week 4. I just took some pics, I will upload them later. It seemed like I broke out a lot the past week. I'll let you guys be the judge when you see the pics. hoping this purging process ends soon, or at least reduces. The good thing about the purging is that they heal really quick. No new side effects to report. Lips are still dry but they seem better today. I'm honestly not as in love with Aquaphor as everyone else seems to be. It is good, but could be better. Go
  10. hey, i used to be on dan's regimen and my problem was my chin area as well. it will help with it. but i just checked out the cleanser you're using, and it's got "myristic acid" as the third ingrdient, which is pore clogging. i used to use clean and clear foaming facial cleanser when i was on the regimen, but i see that clean and clear no longer makes it and now has the "essentials" cleanser and it's different. so i don't know what to tell you as far as switching cleansers. you might also want
  11. omg you sound just like me about 3 months ago. go out and get "clean and clear popped pimple relief" if you squeezed the hell out of it and got no where, as in it's still full of pus but you can't get it, this cream overnight will bring it to a head. it always worked for me. not only that, when you wear it again the night after you popped it, it should scab over and be able to peel away and be covered nicely with makeup. i hope it works for you! and keep in mind, nobody gives a shit. we
  12. hey =) my side effects for the first 2 weeks sound similar to yours. although, i didn't have nosebleeds or bleeding lips!? ouch. i used carmex for a while, but then once my lips became really dry, i gave in and bought aquaphor. it seems to work really well. but as soon as i lick it off, my lips feel awful. so i am constantly applying it. even stopped in the middle of walmart today to reapply. pretty sure people think i'm crazy haha. as far as the muscle pain, that was probably only the fi
  13. thanks guys! you'll get there. i swear i jinx myself when i take pics bc i think it looked better this morning than it does right now. are you still oily?
  14. here are some pics to follow my blog from yesterday.. is that an orb?
  15. hey kristen =) i was wondering where everybody went =P i have been keeping a blog every week. i post it in the blog section instead of accutane logs. i figure a weekly update is enough. i know when i was following people i wanted a daily update from them but now being on the other side, i know there isn't enough news to share every day. i'm doing good too! my lips are dry but i'm using aquaphor now and that helps a lot. carmex worked for the first week or so but then it didn't do anything
  16. whatthekell

    Day 15

    nbkyrww- that sucks! what state are you in? maybe you can order it online for cheaper? i noticed my lips peel too and i end up chewing the skin off..then reapplying the aquaphor...then chewing... haha it's a cycle! they don't look chapped but feel it. skincanheal- hi! glad someone is following me =) i always think my blogs sound boring compared to others. yes, i'm an LMT! that's pretty neat =P
  17. whatthekell

    Day 15

    so today is the start of my third week. it seems like some days my skin looks like it's really lookin good and i get my hopes up. and then the next day it's all bumpy. so that's a little frustrating. so i'm not going to get my hopes up like that so i'm not let down. thinking back to this summer though, my face was a lot worse. so i am happy that i am making progress. today i woke up and had to pop about 6 whitheads. 5 of them were actually just ones from last night that apparently weren'
  18. yeaa unfortunately i didn't take any time off... i had to face the world like this. it was horrible. i'm still battling, but it's not anything like it was. it drove me into a bad depression. when i was home all i did was cry. and when i was out all i did was think about it. i'm on an antidepressant now and see a psych. i feel like myself again. it's hard but you can't give up. this site definitely helped me alot, as well as my boyfriend & family.
  19. hey, your face is probably freaking out from quitting BP, once you're on BP for a period of time, your skin sort of becomes addicted to it. I was on BP for probably 15 years and I just quit this summer. your story sounds just like mine. It took me 2-3 months before it started to calm down, and that's even with prescription creams. I'm on accutane now too. but hopefully since you're already on it, it will take care of this for you. good luck! just remember that once all that shit is out you're t
  20. hey where is everybody? how is it going for all of you? =)
  21. i noticed i was tired in my first week. i'm on day 12. i still feel tired now but i'm used to it.