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  1. whatthekell

    Day 44

    aww haha thank you love =)
  2. whatthekell

    Day 44

    aww no it wouldn't! but at least you're taking them for yourself. i don't know what motivated me to post them. i guess i don't expect anybody i know to see these. and if they do...they're obviously on here for the same reason =P thank you! =) hope you are doing well! thank you! hopefully the right side gets it act together haha
  3. whatthekell

    Day 44

    so month 2 has been eventful! meaning, i broke out a few times. last weekend for whatever reason, i went on a picking spree. hadn't done that in so long that i felt so ashamed. luckily i had the weekend to let it calm down. everything dried up and peeled off. we had dinner at a friend's on sunday and i remember sitting at the table under the bright lights wondering if my face was peeling off because we were eating cheeseburgers and you know you have to open your mouth wide for that..and the war
  4. he gave this to me in august while i had to wait a month for accutane. only because nothing else was helping.
  5. i take mine twice a day. so i take one right before breakfast and one right before dinner. i've never tried taking it with just milk. you shouldn't skip breakfast & lunch! =O
  6. thank you! i do have insurance but it blows! right now i pay $119 and it doesn't even cover anything. except regular dr's visits. my derm isn't even covered nor my bloodworkd. i just got a letter the other day telling me my premium went up $30 too... as soon as i'm done accutane i'm switching insurances.
  7. just lips. but i have used vaseline on my face in a different regimen. if you want to do it, just mix it with a little water (seems weird but it will mix) and then apply. this way it's not so thick and you can spread a thinner layer.
  8. well there ya go, you made it longer than me =P i was 25 when i had my eye exam. i'm 26 now
  9. that seems about right i guess? i get 2 boxes of 20mg a month and that costs me $519 at walmart. but yea, check it out. it could save you a few bucks. wish my insurance wasn't such crap! that is pretty scary about your eye. how old are you? i will say that up until last summer my eyes were 20/15! which is better than average. then all of a sudden they went to shit and i have an astigmatism. comes with age i guess.
  10. whatthekell

    Day #2

    yes ma'am! =)
  11. when i called rite aid i think the cost was like 9 something! what do you pay?? check walmart out. what's your eye problem? that's scary. i am afraid of what will happen at 60
  12. hey everybody so last thurs i had my derm appt for the start of my second month. my derm was out that day so i saw his assistant. which sucked because i wanted to see him after completing my first month, and because i was still charged $116 for the doctor's visit, even though i didn't even see him! bullshit! but his assistant was nice. my dose wasn't increased because he wasn't there...so next month i will prolly be bumped to 60 mg. so i will continue on 40 mg for now. i also switched ba
  13. whatthekell

    Day #2

    thank you! yea this site definitely helps! i've been on here for over a year. it's great talking to people who understand what you're going through. the only side effects i have are dry lips, sore muscles, and sometimes headaches.
  14. whatthekell

    Day #2

    good luck to you! i went to the pharmacy to pick up my second prescription the other day and the pharmacist told me to call a few days in advance next time so he can order more because i am the only one on this! weird huh? and i live in a populated city... aquaphor is really good but sometimes not enough for me so i smear some vaseline on them. i actually wanna find a little container to put it in so i can use it during the day =P you should definitely take pics every week. even if you
  15. hey thanks for the suggestion, but i already went and got the CeraVe moisturizing cream in the tub. i love it!
  16. thanks sasch! i use Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily cleanser. here's the link http://images.neutrogena.com/images/products_store/en_us/product_images/6887295_320x385.jpg then i use Aveeno Ultra Calming lotion during the day. helps with redness big time. then at night i wash with the same cleanser, and then i use CeraVe moisturizing cream in the tub. http://cerave.com/our-products/moisturizing-cream/ i just switched to that CeraVe and love it! I used to use the CeraVe PM but now that i
  17. thanks for the words of encouragement =) haha i keep aquaphor and carmex behind my pillow in my headboard. i've also been smearing vaseline. i actually love it the most. i want to find a little container so i can carry it with me during the day. i actually have been fearing that too, the breaking out when the dose is increased and the side effects getting worse. i had a derm appt yesterday, but my derm was out and i saw the assistant. so my dose didn't get changed. but most likely next t
  18. wow i'm gonna try this today! i paid $613 last month at target. i went to walmart yesterday to pick up my prescription because i found out they charge $519. only walmart didn't have it and had to order it. but i needed it yesterday for my nightly dose. so the pharmacist said he had one box left on the shelf (just not enough boxes for my whole order) so he GAVE me a pill to hold me over til i come back today and get the new order. holy crap what a nice guy! i wanna bake him cookies or something.
  19. hey when you say you drink water, how much are you drinking? sometimes i get severe headaches, but if i chug water they seem to go away pretty quickly. try taking the pills with a full glass of water and drink 3 liters of water a day.
  20. hmm. i wanna find something very moisturizing for bed. i've never tried cetaphil. only because the face wash burned my skin off! lol. so i'm afraid the moisturizer might do the same. i'll be searching the aisles today for something=P
  21. thanks! you really think so? lol i was kinda bummed this morning. i took the pics and was like ah it looks bad. but then i compared them to last wk and i felt like it looked pretty much the same, maybe a little better aside from that area on the right side. i think i'm gonna switch moisturizers. i'm using Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. but it's got isopropyl palmitate in it and i think it's clogging my pores. what do you use? i didn't realize we started the same time either =P i started s
  22. so tomorrow will be one month down! can't believe it. i have a derm appt at 10:45. my derm is out tomorrow, so i have to see his PA or whoever. kind of wish i could see the real doc but i can't do anything about that. wondering if my dose will be upped yet. my first month on accutane was pretty eventuful, so i'm hoping my second month is a bit easier, meaning less breakouts. but time will tell. comparing my pics from today to last wednesday... i think it looks a little better, though my r
  23. i used to get pimples on my upper arms too when i was a teen. and ever since then i have wiped my arms down with clearasil cleansing wipes. not the ultra ones, they're too expensive. just the regular blue and white bottle. the salicylic acid helps clean out the pore. i've tried the BP.. but that just dries the skin out too much and also bleaches your shirts. i would highly recommend getting the clearasil wipes and some of Dan's AHA+ from this site. it's amazing. cleanse your arms morning and nig