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  1. Have you tried Dan's body regimen? I highly suggest it. It sounds like you only have it mild. So you could probably use the AHA alone and skip the BP. If you haven't checked it out yet, give it a shot =) if you have any questions message me. Good luck! -Kelli
  2. i know i've seen someone post about this before, but i can't find it. has anyone on the regimen ever had a little patch of skin that is lighter than the rest of their face? what the hell is this?
  3. yea the BP dries me out pretty badly. but it works so i don't want to stop. yea, now that i think about it, anytime i tried to exfoliate with scrubbers, it was a bad outcome. i've never tried chemical exfoliation, besides using AHA. but that was bad too. i have very sensitive skin so a lot of things aggravate it. glycolic acid sounds scary to me because of this, but what about salicylic acid? i've only used that as a treatment.
  4. hmm I didn't know it could be used as an exfoliant? I thought it was just a treatment. Well, how about putting them in a little zip lock sandwich bag?
  5. Not sure if this is in the right area. but anyway. Today at work a girl mentioned the clarasonic and how it saved her skin. Now obviously on Dan's regimen, exfoliation is a big no-no. But let me just tell you this story, because I'm definitely curious now... So this girl has PERFECT skin. I mean perfect. flawless. so smooth. NO dry skin. ugh. I'm jealous. She wears no makeup. She crawls out of bed and comes in for her massage and looks GREAT. I on the other hand wake up and run to the mirr
  6. I think that neutrogena hydrating treatment is adding to your oil. it made my skin more oily and i have oily skin too. but if you're dead set on using it, why not just by a store brand version of the clean and clear sheets, and then when it empties, put your toilet paper seat things in there to store them?
  7. this is usually what happens when you quit proactiv. or quitting any regimen for that matter. if you were using BP religiously for a long time and then just suddenly stopped, your face is going to get angry. have you tried dan's regimen? it's honestly the best thing i've ever used.
  8. i've been on the regimen for 7 months and i have recently been having the same problem. for the past 2 weeks or so, i've reduced the amount of BP drastically. i'm noticing a huge improvement. i'm still a little bit red, but not nearly as red as before. and the dryness is getting better as well. if you try this, do it gradually, as you might break out from the change. i still get a couple pimples here and there, but i always did and sadly think i always will.
  9. are you making the faces before the moisturizer is on? because that would probably irritate me too because i'm very dry after the BP. I wait til I at least have a layer of moisturizer on and start making faces while i'm spreading it on.
  10. k just checking. apply moisturizer any time you feel necessary. what also helps, make faces when applying your moisturizer. blow your cheeks out, stretch your face all around. this allows the moisturizer to go into the dry areas and soak in better.
  11. of course! what kind of products are you using?
  12. I'm on the back regimen but I don't use BP anymore. All I use is dial bar soap with .60% triclosan (antibacterial) and then I apply Dan's AHA+. I shower twice a day and apply this twice a day. It's amazing. I'm actually almost out and very anxiously waiting for my new bottle to arrive. The BP and AHA+ in conjunction work good too for when you're just starting out, but then hopefully you can drop the BP and just use the AHA+. I don't personally like putting BP on because it really dries your back
  13. there are a ton of good ideas on here to help stop picking. i'll list some of them for you. -put a note on your mirror saying something to force you to stop picking. or have someone who loves you write a note for you, making you promise them as well as yourself to STOP -put a piece of tape on the floor about a foot away from the mirror, so you cannot go any closer to the mirror -change the lighting in the bathroom if you have very bright lights -pee in the dark! so you're not tempted to
  14. I've done that before, but only if I wasn't able to pop it completely, or if it was still inflamed.
  15. you could also try honey. it has antibacterial properties in it and it helps heal red skin.
  16. Try putting a note up on your mirror that says something meaningful to you. Maybe if you have someone else in your life, have them write you a note so that you stop for them too. Example, I saw a girl posted on here that she had a daughter, so she wrote a note saying "would you do this to your daughter?" and every time she had the urge, she'd read that and stop herself. For me, my boyfriend wrote me the note saying "STOP! don't do this to yourself, you're gonna regret it and let me down big time
  17. hahaha yes. the yellow tint is from the licochalcone. never noticed the smell is kinda beer-ish but you're right! =P
  18. It's really up to you, trial and error. If you don't think you need to apply it there, don't. Some people only use it on parts of their face and some apply everywhere.
  19. good choice on the cleanser. i'm not sure about the proactiv repairing lotion. i've used proactiv in the past and it made things horrible, but I've never used the repairing lotion while on Dan's regimen. I suppose you could give it a shot and see how it works for you. If possible, I highly recommend ordering Dan's BP. It is a hell of a lot cheaper and it works so good. For a moisturizer, I'm not sure about the lubriderm. Make sure it's oil free and noncomedogenic. Also make sure it's specificall
  20. Don't worry about the sun, you can always use a moisturizer that has SPF in it. Or you could use an oil free sunblock too if you're really going to be in the sun a lot. I figure when I go to the beach this summer, I will only use BP at night and just apply a good SPF during the day. Other than that I'm not in the sun, so I don't wear sunscreen. I would definitely recommend slowly working your dosage up to the full amount. I have been using BP since I was probably 12 or 13 and I thought ohh m
  21. You won't scar as long as you're not picking or doing anything to damage the skin. Before I was on the regimen it would takes months for the red marks to go away, but now that I've been on the regimen for 6 months, when I get a pimple it really only lasts 2-3 days if I'm nice to it. I also love using Neutrogena Skin Clearing makeup on spots to help heal while I hide them. It really helps them scab up and fall off faster =P