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  1. hey I just wanted to share that I also have crappy health insurance that did not cover a dime of my Accutane course. I also pay for my lab work. Check to see if your derm can adjust some of the tests they do in the lab. Mine offered to take some off if it was too much. My derm office is also not "in network" with my insurance, which means I paid for my appts out of pocket as well! and here's the biggest one, my Accutane cost me $558/month for my first 2 months, $758/month for 3 months, $558 for my 6th. that adds up to about $4,000 just for the pills alone! =( it sucks but it was so worth it! it gave me a life I have never had. I am now just completely terrified that it will come back and I will do anything to keep my skin clear! I got a credit card that has 0% interest for 14 months. so that way I pay about $200/month instead

  2. I use tretionin cream... I do find it works the same , no matter if I use moisturizer or not. My dermatologist recommended starting the retin a right away. Its best to stay ahead of the acne rather than letting it start up again and then trying to battle it again. Those are words from my derm. So I just followed her recommendation.

    thanks for the advice! i didn't want to wait a month to start anyway, seems too risky! i still get a few around my period so who knows what will happen.

  3. My skin has been pretty clear for the most part. I'm using %0.025 Retin-A gel and CeraVe face wash and moisturizer.

    thanks for the reply! my derm just gave me a ton of samples of Aczone and Atralin. I believe these are both Retin-A's. He told me not to use them for a month. So do I moisturize after?

    I use witch hazel after washing my face. I use witch hazel morning and night. Followed by pea size drop of retin a mixed with my cerave moisturizer every other day. Only at night.

    thanks for the reply! I have witch hazel in my cabinet =P i also just got a ton of samples of Aczone and Atralin. What do you use for a Retin-A? Do you find it works just as well when you mix it in with your moisturizer?

  4. I'm about to finish my course on Monday! (if all goes well at my appointment)

    I am really afraid to be one of those people who breaks out immediately after stopping accutane. I keep seeing posts about it and it's freaking me out. I don't want to go back to where I was last summer. =( so. those of you who have finished your course and have stayed clear, please tell me what your regimen is. I do not want to go back to using BP or SA. I have very sensitive skin so I want something effective, yet gentle. If you have any tips for me it'd be greatly appreciated! =)

  5. yea my skin used to be like that too! I am still anal about people touching my skin. my blog is on here. wonder why it's not working? =/ i will check it out and let you know!

    wow that is weird. i went to my profile and clicked blog and got the error. then i clicked "my topics" and only one of my entries was there. so i personally went in to manage my blogs and they're all there. let me try to past the link and see if that works for you.

    that worked for me, click the second page first cause that's the beginning. you definitely don't have to read it all, there's a lot =P

  6. lol maybe a few years ago they still prescribed BP? i'm sure they still do but i think if they know you've tried it already they switch to something else.

    your skin must be pretty un-sensitive to use AHA! i can't because it burns me. too bad though because it is some good stuff! yea i hated the drying effects of topicals. the regimen made my skin drier than it ever was in my life. it was horrible. i wouldn't leave the house besides work usually because of the flaking. i couldn't eat without my skin peeling around my mouth. i had to exfoliate with baking soda, do yogurt masks, you name it.

    i just started my 6th month on accutane. i actually have a blog if you wanna check it out =P side effects are tolerable. my nose bleeds every time i blow it usually, my eyes are dry, lips are dry but Carmex takes care of it. my back is the only one that bugs me, it hurts a lot but it's not unbearable. i get a rash on my arms but moisturizing helps and so does hydrocortisone. maybe you should get back to a derm and see if they have something new to offer you? if your acne is hormonal you could try spiro. i am wondering if mine is hormonal cause i normally break out around my period. never knew before accutane cause i would just break out daily. so maybe.

  7. Yeah im still in high school and I do play a sport. I was my back vigorously every other day to keep the dead skin cells off. Then I moisturize and apply Mederma too everyday, which I dont even know if its working. Ill be much happier if I can just get the marks to fade some so there is atleast only a few bad dark ones without all the small light ones. Also, thank you very much for the diet plan too; that will help. And what are BP and AHA+? I just joined this site so I don't know, thank you guys for the great advice again

    benzoyl peroxide and alpha hydroxy acid. go to the top of the page where it says "acne.org products" and you'll find them there.

  8. have you tried Dan's back regimen? if you can't use BP, the AHA+ alone is magical. I have been using just the AHA+ from this site for a year and a half. It won't make it go away in a month in a half, but it will definitely help get it under control and fade the older marks. I think the BP and AHA+ combo would be great for you, just don't know if you want to take the time for both and bleach your clothes. also your skin is going to be sensitive with this stuff, so make sure you use a sunblock at the beach. (oil free & noncomedogenic of course =) )

  9. My face was actually really good for 2 months after quitting BP and then it went crazy. So maybe you're like me and it took a couple months to kick in? I remember reading a lot of posts on here before I quit about other people's experiences with quitting BP and most of them said it took a few months for the breakout to happen. Are you using anything now? I will never use BP again. Well, I don't think I could if I wanted to anyway. I started developing an allergy from it, probably from putting so much on during the regimen because I used it since I was 12 or so. Then the last year of using it, it would make my face bright red, be burnt in some areas, and horrible peeling. I love Accutane. It gave me my life back. I have so much more time on my hands and I'm able to go and do things that I want instead of hiding. I am terrified to stop taking it though. I'm really afraid of it coming back and I'm always thinking about what I should use when I'm finished. Do you go to a derm? Maybe they could put you on something a little less intense. My derm actually told me that BP is old school haha. I believe it!

  10. Hey, yeaaa I didn't do that very long. My face exploded, and I mean explodeddddd in clogged pores, acne, cysts you name it. I am on Accutane now. I really don't recommend water only. But it depends on the person. My boyfriend and his dad only rinse with water, never soap and their skin is pretty much flawless. Not me. I can get a clogged pore by looking at chocolate. So I need to keep my skin clean. I really can't say that the water only method is what caused my explosion, as I quit BP around the same time... but I think the combo of the 2 are to blame. Just make sure if you are going to try the water only method that you don't wear makeup. Water will never wash off makeup by itself. I thought i could still dabble on makeup here and there and it was pretty gross.

  11. Just wanted to share this with anyone on Accutane that is having nosebleeds and HATES spraying saline up their nose. My nose bleeds every day and is so dry and uncomfortable, but I hate spraying anything up my nose cuz it just runs down my throat and tastes awful. this stuff is a GEL so it stays in there and really makes it feel better, and I have less nosebleeds.


    I bought it at Giant for 3 something. =)

  12. CeraVe is awesome. I have used the PM version, which I did like. But if you have reallly dry skin, I suggest getting the moisturizing cream that comes in a tub. it's white & blue. This stuff is awesome. What you could also do before trying any moisturizers, is wet your face and apply Vaseline all over. Sounds scary but it actually super hydrates your skin and heals the damage from over dryness. I did this at night time. Sounds like your skin needs to heal. Make sure you drink lots of water and get good sleep too!

  13. hi,

    i actually called my derm last month when this happened because i thought missing 2-3 days was gonna give me a problem. but they said no worries, the accutane stays in your blood. which is why we still have to use 2 forms of birth control and get bloodwork done the month after we're finished our course. i also asked if i should take 2 pills a day instead of three so that i wouldn't go any days without and she said NO don't do that. so i would just take your dose like usual, then when you run out, you run out. bloodwork for me only takes a day to process and i have the most shitty insurance i know. so don't sweat it =)

  14. omg.. i know exactly what you're going through. you have it worse than i did though. first let me say that your family will love you no matter what, and they definitely will not judge you. i am sure from watching you hide inside all the time, they have to know that you're insecure about this. what helps is to talk to them about it. let them know what it's doing to you emotionally if they don't already know. and don't start out by just going bare faced all of a sudden. take it slow and maybe instead of putting the mask all over your face, just dot it on your pimples. you're not doing your skin any good by leaving that on that long. i used to walk around with dots of a mask on my face too. queen helene's so it was green, or proactiv's so it was white. i looked ridiculous and now i realize i would have looked more normal if i had just walked around without it. to this day i still refuse to walk around completely bare faced. so i use neutrogena's skin clearing makeup. i don't smear it all over though. i just dot it on the pimples/red marks like i would the mask. this is safe because it doesn't clog your pores, and it gives you a little more confidence walking around the house in front of people.

    i definitely think you need to talk to a therapist. you sound like you have body dysmorphic disorder. i'm only telling you this because i have this and i know the signs of it. i'm not a doctor and i'm not diagnosing you. i went to a family doctor and he sent me to a psychiatrist. he sees me regularly now and also advised me to get a therapist. i tried the therapist for a few sessions but didn't like her, so i still have to find another one. you might be depressed too. ever since i was put on an antidepressant, i've been able to leave my house and not give a shit what people think. i mean i will always feel self conscious about my skin but i don't let it completely ruin my life anymore.

    if you ever need to talk, message me. there are a ton of us on here who are in the same boat and we can all help you =)