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  1. I wasn't so sure if it was a good idea to start The Regimen since I'm pretty sure my acne is caused by hormones. Why do I think that? I graduated last year and that summer my face went completely clear. I had the most confidence ever. I woke up and didn't even bother looking into a mirror. My face went from horrible all during school, to completely clear during the summer. And not a face wash, regimen, or pill was taken. August came and my acne decided to flare back up instantly. I lost my s
  2. Thanks Tim! I'll see how that works out for the mean while.
  3. I work from 11:00pm to 7:30am...I usually take a shower right after work and apply Dans reg..And whenever I wake up around 3 or 4 I just splash my face with water. Then I'll apply the reg. again right before work. 3rd shift messes me all up. Would this be a good schedule to follow by?
  4. So I use this system and only this system because it works wonders for my skin using morning and night. Clears up my acne like nothing. Though anytime I will splash my face with water or even get it wet, dead skin appears on my face like insane. I can rub my hand in a circular motion on my cheek and flakes will just come off. I don't want to go swimming or get wet anywhere just to dry my face to flakyness. ---------------------------- Please help me out on what I should do. -T0T____
  5. Do NOT pop it if you're wanting it gone by tomorrow. Just leave it alone the best you can. Maybe ice it down for a few minutes.
  6. I think I'm just flaring up because spring is here and I was clear all last week and got real sick over the weekend and that's when it started.
  7. I just bought Dove sensitive skin unscented yesterday and might I say this is the best bar soap I have ever used. Finally a bar soap that doesn't dry out my skin insanely. But aside from that, cause I don't expect it to work right off the hand 1 day, I'm needing help describing my acne. I can't afford a dermatologist so can somebody help me out? Inflamed...non-inflamed..cysts..blackheads..whiteheads. lol Sorry.
  8. Hope it goes well for you! Your skin will more than likely get really bad before it gets better. Bare with it.
  9. @The uphill battle: I will take that into suggestion. Thanks.
  10. Every morning I wake up.. 1)Wash my face with dial bar soap with warm water. 2)Wash it with Cetaphil 3)Rinse it with cold water. 4)Finish it off with an oxy pad. Doing all that tends to really dry my face out..does drying of the face cause breakouts? Cause I'm really breaking out around the chin area 8( Ps...I also do that every night in the shower.
  11. I was "doing things" when I was in my mothers belly. (;
  12. If not using anything on your skin heals it, like you say, then why the hell does it break us out when we never used anything to begin with!
  13. Um..what acne? I see 1 little bump.
  14. Yes we all have picked at a pimple and popped it, got the puss out and blood comes rushing up to it and it clots and turns into a scab. I'm aware that you're supposed to leave it alone..but is there anyway to speed up the process of the scabbing stage? Home remedies would be great please! Thank you.