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  1. For some reason my acne has started to come back. I have come out in cysts and spots so I am going to have to abandon my scar treatments as i need to concentrate on getting rid of acne again now. It is so unfair, I though it had gone. I can't believe it has come back. I have been off dianette a year now so i don't know why it has took this long to return? I am going to try using BP.
  2. END OF WEEK 3 So far there is no change in my skin. The dryness has gone but the marks/scars look the same. I have bought some products from lush that I am going to try. My new regime: Morning: Wash face with Lush baby face soap Exfoliate with Lush angels on bare skin exfoliator Evening: Wash face with Lush baby face soap
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. This week my face still looks awful. I am going to try rubbing sudocrem into my scars/marks this week. My friend uses this on spots and said it is good, not sure if it will help at all with scars though. It says skin healing on the tub so I guess its worth a try. Just hope it does not clog my pores as it looks quite thick.
  4. END OF WEEK ONE My skin is not dry and flaky any more so the cream worked. But, now the dry skin has gone my skin looks so much worse, the scars/marks are really deep in colour, and I can see so many dents in my skin. When I look in the mirror it makes me cry I am going to stop using the aqueous BP moisteriser now as my skin is well moisterised and I don't want to clog my pores. This week I am just going to carry on washing my face with the cleanser, and that is it. I am not going to put anyt
  5. I started a bio oil diary a few weeks a go, but it was not suiting my skin. I have quite a few scars, some of them very recent. I have noticed one thing looking at my face, it is oily, but it is also very dry (if that makes sense) there are flaky and cracked patches of skin on my face, and where the scars are they are very very dry looking. I have decided that I am going to try everything I can to improve my skin. As my skin is looking so dry I will start off treating that. I have bought some aq
  6. barbie


    Hi, Does anybody know if there are any foods that help skin or scaring. Like anytype of nuts or seeds that are good for the skin? Or fish? etc.... Thanks, Barbie
  7. The scab has dried up now and come off (yuk!). What it has left is a huge deep pinky red circle on my chin. I am not sure if this is a red mark that will go or if it is a scar. The skin is not smooth, it looks dented in the middle, and the rest of the red skin is very dry looking. I guess only time will tell if this is a mark or a scar. I have been using sudocrem on it at night, but not in the day as it looks so white. In the day the skin looks so dry.
  8. Thanks guys. I have stopped using the manuka honey, it was burning like crazy.
  9. I am now going to stop using Bio Oil as my face has become greasy with a lot of blackheads. I am not going to be using any scar treatments until the horrible scab has gone on my chin and until the blackheads start to go. Then I will look for something different to use as bio oil has not been suitable for my skin at the moment.
  10. My sister had a pot of 10 manuka honey, so I have just put some on where I picked my chin and it is stinging like mad. is this supposed to happen, or does this mean i'm allergic to it and I should wash it off?
  11. I had a blackhead on my chin and picked it and it would not go. I have picked it so much, and now there is a huge weeping mark on my chin, which will probably turn into a scab, and then another scar. great. I wish I could stop picking at my skin. Does anyone know how to stop a scab from scaring? I have put some sudocrem on it as I heard this can help healing, but I have also heard of manuka honey. Im not sure whether to go out and buy some. Has anyone here managed to stop a big scab from scaring
  12. I had a blackhead on my chin and picked it and it would not go. I have picked it so much, and now there is a huge weeping mark on my chin, which will probably turn into a scab, and then another scar. great. I wish I could stop picking at my skin.
  13. It tells you about it on their website http://www.bio-oil.info/ WEEK TWO OF BIO OIL Forehead: one brown mark: THIS MARK LOOKS LESS NOTICEABLE Forehead: one circle shaped slightly indented patch: NO CHANGE Chin: slightly indented pale purple mark: NO CHANGE Upper lip: A tiny purple mark: THIS MARK LOOKS SOFTER AND LESS NOTICEABLE Right Cheek: A very strange cirlce where I picked a spot which is bright red and shiny: THIS MARK IS NOW DARK PINK AND SHINY LOOKING Left Cheek: 8 small brown dots: T
  14. ONE WEEK OF USING BIO OIL I have noticed that all the marks/scars look softer, but apart from that there has been no change. It has also made my skin greasy and I have got a few pimples this week (that could just be a coincedece though). I will stick with it and let you know how it goes.