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  1. Marie761

    Day 59 Accutane

    So thought I would update as I have had a few changes in my skin. It's kinda bumpy over my cheeks and forehead. Tiny under the skin bumps that you can only see under lights. I also got 2 spots on my jawline last week just before my period. Then I got one between my eyebrows. My derm said that I was only supposed to be on accutane for 4 months but if I'm still getting spots she will keep me on for longer. One more tablet and I've finished my second month. Can't believe how fast time is going.
  2. Just a little post to say there's not really any change in my skin. Still no acne. Got a few open pores on my cheeks and nose. There's nothing in them but I thought they might close over...maybe in time!! Don't think anyone is reading so not going to post anymore updates. If anyone wants to ask any questions I'll check my blog regularly and get back to you. Good luck with all your accutane journeys!!
  3. Marie761

    Day 32

    Did anyone find that as the weeks went on their skin needed less moisturiser? I'm still using cetaphil but it's beginning to feel sticky on my face. Am I using too much of it?
  4. Marie761

    Day 28 Accutane

    Today tiny underskin bumps have appeared on my chin and forehead. Almost like tiny blisters. I can feel them but can only see them if i look really closely in the mirror. Has this happened anyone else? I'm scared that this could be the beginning of the initial breakout.
  5. Marie761

    Day 25

    So, for anyone reading I'm going to do an update on my skin. My face has currently no active acne. The pores that were bumpy and clogged last week are a lot better. I squeeze them out before bed and they are gone in the morning. My face is now smooth to touch. Cetaphil face wash and moisturiser are lifesavers! My skin is no longer dry and flaky. The biggest difference I notice is that my make up no longer needs reapplied through the day. My face has no oil and isn't shiny which is brilliant!
  6. Marie761

    Day 24

    I think I had my days mixed up, it's hard to keep track. Today I took my 24th tablet. I go for my blood tests on Thursday so hopefully everything will be fine and I'll get my second months prescription. Let me give you some background about myself. When I was a teenager I had clear skin, apart from a few small whiteheads on my chest. They disappeared in my early 20's. Then they came back in my mid 20's and spread to my neck. I tried creams from the doc but they never helped. They never reall
  7. A friend of mine told me to try zinc supplements as they really helped her husband. I'm on accutane but would def give zinc a try if I wasn't already on accutane. She said he takes one tablet a day and if he forgets to take them for a few days that pimples start appearing again...worth a try!! Hope your healthy food s help
  8. Marie761

    Day 19

    Not really any major updates. My skin is quite clear I don't know whether that's down to the accutane or the erythromycin. Lips seem to be getting dryer, I'm using Nivea moisturising lip balm which is keeping them soft and smooth. I'm hoping I'm not going to be one of those people who get a late IB!! My derm said I'd be on accutane for 4 months. Is this long enough saying as I'm only on 30 mg a day. I'm 159kg.
  9. Marie761

    Accutane 30 Mg

    I've been reading these blogs for months and decided to start one of my own since I am finally on accutane! I'm taking 30mg per day along with erythromycin tablets (which I have been on for the past 2 yrs). My derm said they might help with the IB and so far so good! I'm on day 18 and I've definitely noticed some mild side effects like dry eyes, skin and lips. My skin started to dry up on day 4 and by the second week the skin on my chin and forehead were peeling by lunchtime each day! I didn'
  10. Sorry, I'm only new and still getting used to this. I'm seeing the doc in my local clinic, apparently he's a 'skin doc' but not sure if he's a dermatologist. How's the acccutane working for u? I'd love to get on it but I'm really scared of the initial breakout. I'm a teacher and just back to school so don't know if I could cope with these spots getting worse x
  11. I'm a 28 year old female with acne on my chest neck and face. I always had small whiteheads on my neck and chest which never really bothered me as they weren't that noticeable. 10 weeks ago I had a huge outbreak of red lumps and bigger whiteheads all over my chest, neck and face. I went to the doctor and he prescribed me tetralysal. I don't think they are working! I'll have a few days where I think the acne is clearing and then I'll have another outbreak where my neck and cheeks/forehead are cov
  12. Hi,just came across your post and was wondering how your getting on with the tetralysal now? I've been on them 10 weeks on thur and my spots seem to go away and then come back!! I'm covered in spots from my chest up to my face. Some red bumps and some small whiteheads. It starting to really depress me and get me down. I think I'll give tetralysal 12 weeks and see if theres any improvement. Hope your having more luck than me.xx