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  1. I don't think I've ever actually had a cyst, but I have had a few nodules. Most of my acne was just superficial/above the skin. I only got like 1 painful zit a month. Once I stopped the BP I've never had a deep,painful one again. I don't think your skin is going to like explode one day and you wake up with a million zits just because you stopped BP. But I mean it's not going to be pretty either you just gotta give it time and not worry about your skin.
  2. I just completely stopped everything and I just splash my face with water once a day in the shower. Anything, including cleanser, BP, or moisturizer always slightly irritated my skin and made me break out. I literally cannot use a single thing on my face or it will react negatively. So I really just let my face go back to normal on its own and it took a while but it was worth it. For me, the less I washed my face and just left it alone the better. However I did try the caveman regimen where you
  3. I have!! I quit BP in March of last year. I had been using it pretty consistently for 2 years when I quit. Idk if there is really a way to avoid a breakout when stopping BP because it messes with your face so much that it can't even fight infection on its own, or hydrate itself. If I can tell you one thing though it's that you made a good decision when you stopped that stuff. Honestly I haven't used anything on my face since last March and my face is finally normal and acne free. It takes TIME,
  4. Yes I agree. I believe even 3 months is too long for a course of antibiotics. It will completely mess up the natural flora of your GI tract. In your first post it just seemed like you had some deep-seeded hatred towards doctors or something and you think they are all insensitive and money hungry. I didn't want you to think that.
  5. Okay, I mean this in the kindest way possible but do you even go to med school? How do you know the attitudes and values being taught? Because at my school we are taught that CAMs (complementary alternative medicine) aka holistic remedies are always taken into consideration when treating a patient for anything including acne. And of course we respect the complexity of the body and how easily the natural flora is to disturb. At the end of the day its the patients responsibility to understand what
  6. Okay how do you shave without looking in the mirror? Also, your skin is great go and take a look in the mirror for yourself!!
  7. Jeez what kind of school do you go to? I already started on Monday and works already piling up for me! But yeah i agree that washing 3 times is too much, even 2 times a day is too much for me. But, if you're on the regimen then i would stick with twice a day. Really all the stuff clambak said will do nothing but help. Other than that, stick with you're regimen because the skin tends to not like it when we try new products on it suddenly and will break out a little.
  8. omg what will they think of next? Anyway from this article I can't really tell if what the drug is targeting are the hormones or the cells in the male reproductive system. The sertoli cells are the ones responsible for creating sperm. So if the drug is targeting those cells and making them not function properly, then it won't really have an effect on our hormones. However, if the drug is targeting the hormones that activate the sertoli cells, then its a great possibility. More information is
  9. Are you going to be using the regimen that you ordered on your entire face? Since you said the rest of your face is clear i would highly encourage you to not even use the regimen at all even on the bad area of your skin since it just made that patch on your face worse. Your skin is obviously not liking the chemicals. I think you should lay off the products for a week or two and just try some sea salt compresses a couple times a day. See what happens. If you've had it for a year now I'm sure yo
  10. I'm glad both of you guys are doing this. I've been doing the same thing since march, but I'm only washing with water once a day in the morning instead of twice a day. I'm honestly not sure if it makes a difference or not. Let me just tell you it is going to take TIME. Yes it will be bumpy, especially my forehead was, and yes it will feel weird and flaky and dry and oily all at the same time. It took me about 4 months to be happy with my skin on a daily basis and be consistently clear of pimple
  11. i would try soaking it in sea salt a couple of times a day. I had a patch like that once that wouldn't go away. I put a wet cottonball with sea salt on it a couple times a day and it cleared within a week!! I think all chemicals will do is aggravate it even more.
  12. It's possible to get pimples on the top of our hands, although the skin on our hands is much different than that on our face. It is much less sensitive and in general less prone to breakouts. The bottom of our feet and the palms of our hands actually do not have any sebaceous glands, so it is impossible to break out there. Read this is helps explain it: "Sebum is made by your body's sebaceous glands, which can be found everywhere on your body except the bottoms of your feet and the palms of yo
  13. What was the condition of your skin prior to using a cleanser? Any cleanser, no matter how gentle has ALWAYS given me forehead acne. It wasn't until I stopped using a cleanser that my forehead actually calmed down and got clear. For some reason my forehead is extremely sensitive to anything besides water. Maybe yours is too? Just something to consider.
  14. Thanks! I wish him/her good luck! School has definitely not been easy. I'm not really sure about derms. After reading this article I'm pretty much convinced that most doctors do and I guess why would derms be any different? http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/17/health/policy/us-to-tell-drug-makers-to-disclose-payments-to-doctors.html?pagewanted=all